Patience. Patience, my boy...
Slow day coming
By Torleif Sorenson on 8/30/12
Friday will be one of those days when I have sympathy for certain PGA Tour players - Ryder Cup captain's pick Ian Poulter, specifically.

Say what you want about his fashion sense, but Poulter is a fine example of a golfer who doesn't waste much time on the course. Unfortunately, the powers-that-be at the PGA Tour have paired him with one of the sllllooooooowwwweesssst players around: Kevin Na. And we're not taking a swipe at him for his 16 at the 9th hole at last year's Texas Open, either. We're talking "slower than a water buffalo running uphill on a treadmill"-type slow.

We may just see the tee-boxes at TPC Boston backed up worse than the outbound Ike during rush hour.

At least Poulter seems to be taking the news fairly well:

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Image via PGA Tour

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lcgolfer64 says:
While I agree with Ian in this to some degree, Kevin has made strides to try pick it up some. I still think being paired with Keegan would probably drive me to reckless drunkeness by the 3rd hole... With his 45 mini practice swings and his "Look at the line, look at the line, re-look at the line take two steps forward to his approach no wait, step back again look at the line again pace around the ball, check the height of the ball, step back find the line, AGAIN, pace some more..." Yeah you get it.

On the positive side, he is a helluva golfer, I'll give him that.
bkuehn1952 says:
Paired with Kevin Na AND Ben Crane. I believe Ben Crane also has a reputation of moving along fairly slooooowly.
SteadyHoo says:
Crane is slower than Na. So that's the issue, I'm sure, from Poult's POV.
SD Charlie says:
I might have to start following Poulter on twitter, just for that comment. Good luck to him.
Duke of Hazards says:
Awesome grouping: Captain Waggle, goofy spandex guy and the Peacock of the Fairways part II.
Bryan K says:
Gawd. I sure hope they play ready golf.
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