U.S. Ryder Cup team complete
By Torleif Sorenson on 9/4/12
The United States Ryder Cup team is complete; with his four captain's picks, Davis Love III chose three players with previous Ryder Cup experience: Steve Stricker, Jim Furyk, and Dustin Johnson.

For the fourth and final pick, Love chose Brandt Snedeker (13th in the Ryder Cup point standings) over 9th-ranked Hunter Mahan. Although Snedeker missed the cut at the PGA Championship, he has played well over the last few weeks: T-28 in Greensboro, solo 2nd at Bethpage, and solo 6th this past weekend in Boston.

Mahan won the WGC-Accenture Match Play in February in February and in Houston in April. But he missed the cut at both the PGA Championship and the Barclays, while finishing T-39 in Boston this past weekend.

Reports on the Golf Channel this morning suggested that Mahan thought he was not playing well lately, but what do you think caused DL3 to bypass Mahan and take Snedeker?

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Scott Shields says:
bducharm says:
Like the picks. Stricker was an automatic for Tiger's partner. Furyk is rock solid. Sneds is the BEST putter on the PGA Tour. DJ is the wildcard. This will be fun!!!
dsferris says:
Don't like the picks as much as some, Tiger could have just as easily paired with Hunter Mahan, they have bonded through the Sean Foley connection. Hunter's game has been off but he still out pointed Furyk in qualifying but over 700 points. I would have like the same team +Hunter, -either Stricker or Furyk.
Banker85 says:
Picks work for me. I thought Mahan would have been in but he has not looked strong recently and that is what its all about i guess who is playing good going into it. Prob didnt pick Hunter because he lost it for USA 2 years ago with that flub chip of his. He crumbled under the pressure of GMac.
mustang6560 says:
I could take or leave Jim because he's struggle "in the clutch" in '12, but overall I think DL3 made solid picks.
legitimatebeef says:
Johnny Miller pretty much "spoiled" it yesterday during the telecast. I put spoiled in quotes because really who gives a crap. Wake me up when they're about to tee off. But to answer Nathan's question I think Snedeker earned the spot with his good play and standout putting more than Mahan "lost" it.
Kurt the Knife says:
"but what do you think caused DL3 to bypass Mahan and take Snedeker?"

His cool surfer-dude haircut
dsferris says:
I don't think the question should be just why Sendeker. Hunter Mahan is 9th on the points list, Stricker 10, Furyk 11, Sneds 13, DJ 15. So the question becomes why was Hunter passed for all four of these guys.
GBogey says:
DJ worries me in that he hasn't performed well in the past during either Ryder or Presidents' Cup and rumors that he doesn't make a good foursome partner. Might have favored Fowler over him.
mjaber says:
Golf Channel ran an "unofficial" points list that ran through the Deutsche Bank, and on that list. Snedeker was ahead of Mahan on that list. Mahan would have been 11th, Snedeker would have been 9th. The question should be, why did he take Mahan instead of Johnson, who was 12th on the "unofficial" list.

Stricker was pretty much a given, considering his play with Tiger at the Pres. Cup. Furyk also pairs well with Tiger, and would have been 10th on the extended list.
mjaber says:
I think that DJ's play of late and the fact that the Ryder Cup course is a "bombers course", coupled with Mahan's struggles as of late, gave Johnson the spot over Hunter.
Matt McGee says:
Looks like a good team to me. DJ / Mahan seems like a coin flip to me, all things considered.
This is going to be fun. ♫♪ U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! ♪♫
mmontisano says:
I don't see how people think that Tiger is so hard to play with?? I think The Duff is the perfect partner for him. so I would have left DJ and Furyk off and taken Watney (also on a hot streak, plenty long and can putt) and either Mahan or Fowler because they're both scrappy.
Virtuaframax says:
i agree with mustang... I would have not chosen Jim... it's true he's extremely solid and doesn't make many mistakes, but he's been showing lack of killer instinct and "clutchness" when needed, which is basically what's the Ryder Cup is all about...
I like the choice of Snedeker over Mahan and the always solid stricker. DJ as someone else said will be the wild card and i think he will be a good one
tieuhoang says:
Some of the people on this forum sounded like they have a thorough knowledge of PGA professionals. What need to be done, is done, and we should respect DL3 as a captain and his picks, and all other professionals: Mahan, Furyk, DJ, Woods, Snedeker, Stricker, etc. So, let it be and wish the USA win. Let the game begin!
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