"I guess some are shooting at them and some are shooting for them"
By mustang6560 on 9/6/12
In response to my post "Golf helps Barack Obama woo Bill Clinton" earlier today, oober legitimatebeef said, "I could beat both their brains out."

Well, ask and you shall receive!
For a time last week during the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, Ace Golf in Brandon made national news, with two large banners placed in the driving range depicting larger-than-life head shots of President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

"The national press doesn't tend to do us much good [as a local business] but we enjoyed it and the customers enjoyed it," said Ace Golf owner Bill Place. "It didn't hit me until Monday of that week to put the banners up. I can't believe all the television stations we had out here."

The convention hoopla has since waned but the banners remain, and will remain standing until the General Election in November.

The questions remains, though: Are golfers driving shots "for" the candidate they support, or "at" the candidate they dislike?

"I guess some are shooting at them and some are shooting for them," Place said. "They can shoot in whatever direction they please. Some people like to shoot way off to the left and some people like to shoot in the right direction."

Either way, he added, "it gets people talking about the candidates."
This isn't the first time this particular driving range owner did something like this. He apparently made national news several years ago when he put up a banner of Osama bin Laden. To be honest, I'm a little surprised that more driving ranges don't do something like this on a regular basis (click "read more" to see picture).

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Image via Flickr, Leftism/Phill

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legitimatebeef says:
Good idea for selling more balls. Not easy targets, they're placed around 150 yards. I'm guessing more people will aim for the POTUS but since most golfers lose balls to the right I'm going to guess that its Mr. Romney's face that will take more hits. In the end most people will leave the range frustrated I am sure.
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