For Every King, A Crown
By mustang6560 on 9/13/12
Arnold Palmer was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, "the highest honor that can be bestowed upon any living citizen".
"He didn't set out to change the game. But he did. Arnold Palmer democratized golf. And made us think that we too could go out and play, and made us believe we could do anything really. All we had to do was go out and try," said Speaker of the House John Boehner, one of a number of politicians who helped honor Palmer in a cermony in the Rotunda of the Capitol building.

"You've struck our hearts and our minds, and today your government and fellow citizens are striking the Gold Medal for you."
The King is the sixth athlete in history to receive the award. The other five Gold Medal recipients include fellow golfer Byron Nelson, Roberto Clemente, Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson, and Joe Louis.
"It's interesting that two of the six [recipients of the honor] have been golfers," Palmer said in a short acceptance speech that capped the ceremony. "I like to truly believe that golfers promote some sort of human value that symbolizes so many Americans, such as characteristics of honesty, hard work, dedication, responsibility, and respect for the other guy."
Arnie won his last major 21 years before I was born ('64 Masters), so I never knew Arnold Palmer the golfer. But, I've seen Arnold Palmer the man and he's one swell dude. Congrats, Arnie!

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Image via Flickr, Keith Allison

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birdieXris says:
Didn't Jack get nominated for one and they decided not to give it? he must be stewing.
Matt McGee says:
Glad Congress is concentrating on the important stuff. Good for Arnie.
Dusty23 says:
If more people conducted themselves the way Arnold Palmer has the world would be a better place.
mmontisano says:
wait....Ali doesn't have one? wow...
Torleif Sorenson says:
Dusty23 is correct. And where the overwhelming majority of Jack Nicklaus' course designs have been at private clubs where the public is not welcome, Arnold Palmer and his design firm have done the architecture for many more courses that are open to the public. Then there's the hospital in Orlando, and many, many more instances of Mr. Palmer's kindness that will never be made public.

IMHO, Mr. Palmer deserves that medal.
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