Don't miss a minute of the Ryder Cup!
By mustang6560 on 9/24/12
Instead of waiting until Wednesday to publish the broadcast schedule, I decided to post it early so you can go ahead and plan your weekend.

Broadcast Schedule*

Friday, September 28
ESPN — 8 AM-7:30 PM
Saturday, September 29
NBC — 9 AM-7 PM
Sunday, September 30
NBC — 12 PM-6 PM

Ryder Cup Live Schedule*

Friday, September 28
8:30 AM-End of Play
Saturday, September 29
8:30 AM-End of Play
Sunday, September 30
12 PM- End of Play

* All times Central

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Image via PGA of America

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mtgolfidiot says:
I'm going to the Saturday foursomes/fourballs and plan on spending the full six hours watching the Ryder Cup on television
mustang6560 says:
Bad @ss! How much did you pay for your ticket?
legitimatebeef says:
Nate, these Don't Miss a Minute posts of yours are truly invaluable.

Or is it valuable? Which is better? They seem to be opposites, yet they're more like synonyms. Language its a funny thing. Go look up the word "nonplussed", you will see basically two definitions and they contradict each other.

Back to these posts, they have become for me a go-to resource whenever there's a major golf event going on. I say that with full sincerity. Folks if you need to know where and when to tune in look no further. It's all here.
DougE says:
I have a 1:06 tee time on Sunday. Guess I'll have to dvr it. Now, don't any of you tell me what happened till Monday morning. Damn, golf even gets in the way of golf.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Doug-E-Doug: I'm saving your post... :D
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