The history of the Ryder Cup
By mustang6560 on 9/25/12
Martin Davis, a golf historian for The Golf Channel, filed a piece in the New York Times about the interesting history of the Ryder Cup.
For many years, it was accepted as fact that the Ryder Cup was dreamed up in 1926 by Samuel Ryder, a successful English seed merchant, as he was celebrating at Wentworth Golf Club in Surrey, England, with a group of British professionals in the afterglow of their 13 ½-1 ½ victory over an American team. Marveling at the fine play and camaraderie between the two sides, Ryder reportedly said: "We must do this again! I'll donate the trophy."

Thus, the Ryder Cup was born. It is a nice story, but that is not what happened.

What became the Ryder Cup had been in the works for several years. Ryder and his brother, James, began staging challenge matches for British professionals at his golf club, Verulam Golf Club, just north of London, from 1923 to 1925.

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Image via PGA of America

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