Greg Norman: "I stand by my comments"
By mustang6560 on 9/24/12
In an interview with Robert Lusetich published last week, Greg Norman stirred the pot by saying that Tiger Woods was "intimidated" by Rory McIlroy (Rors responded to the comments by laughing).

Before Greg knew it, his comments had spread across the Internet like a virtual wildfire. A lot of people, including Charles Barkley, were upset by his comments. Sir Charles said he wished Tiger would "go ballistic on Greg".

Despite the criticism he received for his comments, The Shark is not retracting anything he said. He posted the following statement on his Facebook page Friday morning.
"Got off the plane from Beijing this morning and my Iphone just blew up with emails and voicemails regarding my interview with Robert Lusetich of Fox Sports. It seems that everyone from Charles Barkley (no Charles I was not referencing or comparing Tiger's record to mine) to John Doe has weighed in on my quote regarding intimidation. I stand by my comments and for those that choose to read the full article and not just "grasp" and "react" to one word will notice that the headline and byline were inconsistent with the content of what Robert wrote. When you look at my comments in the full context of the article, you will see that it provides a more balanced view of my sentiments on this topic. Which is, since the PGA Championship Tiger has not made any impact on the weekend in passing Rory for the title. This has not happened in his career prior to this run by Rory. During the PGA Championship broadcast I spoke at length about Tiger and I maintain that no one has swung the club better in the history of the game, especially during the year 2000. At the end of the day, Tiger is a great athlete and a great student of the game and he will continue to win, but we are seeing a transition away from his dominance. Rivalry and parity is great for the game of golf. Unfortunately for Rory, I think that the trademark for "The Intimidator" is already registered with Dale Earnhardt."
I am not surprised Greg said what he said about Tiger (although I disagree with his opinion). And I am not surprised he stood his ground following the criticism. However, I am surprised that Greg was surprised that his comments became a headline across the globe. He should know by now that any and all comments about Tiger Woods (especially negative comments) are scooped up in real-time by golf journalists and delivered as news as quick as possible.

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Matt McGee says:
I'll bet Greg Norman is really happy that his opinion suddenly carries so much weight.
Oh, and I'm sorry to be the spelling nazi, but it's "retracting," not "retracking."
joe jones says:
Greg Norman was a great golfer. He was the longest, straightest driver with persimmon woods that ever played the game.He also lost more tournaments to great lucky shots that I ever saw.However, he also had a reputation for hitting the wrong shots at the wrong time.Many a time when he was in a position to win he "gagged"the shots. Not my words but that of Jack Nicklaus who commiserated with Norman about his bad luck by advising him to think better under pressure. I think he has not thought out his comments about Tiger before he shot his mouth off. If he had phrased his comments with more feeling it would have come off as a constructive comment instead of being snarky.
mustang6560 says:
@Matt McGee- No worries. Y'all find errors, I correct 'em. I will say, it's been a minute since my last error...
Kurt the Knife says:
you're overdue
legitimatebeef says:
less talk more golf
willwavy says:
Tiger will always be >> rory. boy has alot of catching up to do
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