Spoiler Alert: Team Europe plans Seve Sunday
By mustang6560 on 9/25/12
Yesterday, Jose Maria Olazabal acknowledged that Team Europe plans to honor his late friend and compatriot Seve Ballesteros at the Ryder Cup. However, the Spaniard would not confirm exactly how his team planned to honor the legend.

Well, Paul Lawrie spilled the beans (duh!) — Team Europe plans to wear all navy Sunday in honor of Seve.
Europe's Ryder Cup team are poised to pay tribute to Seve Ballesteros by donning the late Spaniard's favourite golfing colours on Sunday at Medinah.

Ballesteros routinely wore navy and white clothing in the final round of major tournaments. It was as a player and captain in the Ryder Cup, however, that the golfing legend displayed most passion; this weekend represents the first staging of the event since Ballesteros died last year.

Paul Lawrie, who will be part of this week's Europe side against the US, said: "I don't know for sure but the word is that we're wearing navy trousers, navy sweaters and white shirts like Seve always wore in the final round of majors. I think that will be our singles outfit.
In addition to Seve Sunday, Team Europe will also honor Seve by putting his iconic image on their limited edition Ryder Cup staff bags. The image is a silhouette of Seve's reaction to winning the 1984 Open Championship at St. Andrews. I'm rooting for Team USA, but I'll be the first to admit I want one of those staff bags!

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Image via Flickr, Doha Stadium Plus

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joe jones says:
Wonderful..Seve was the savior of the Ryder Cup when the continent joined the team. If they can't honor him what is the point of the whole thing.
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