"I needed to go get my points for my team, and I didn't do that"
By mustang6560 on 9/26/12
Tiger Woods is a decorated champion.

He's won 74 times on the PGA Tour including 14 major championships and he's represented the United States in every Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup since 1997 except one ('08 Ryder Cup). However, he holds a losing record through his six Ryder Cup appearances (13-14-2). Further, Team USA is disappointing 1-5 with Tiger on the roster.

Who is to blame for the Americans lackluster performance during the Tiger era? Well, according to Tiger, it's Tiger's fault.
"Certainly I am responsible for that, because I didn't earn the points that I was put out there for. I believe I was out there, what, in five sessions each time, and I didn't go 5‑0 on our side. So I certainly am a part of that, and that's part of being a team. I needed to go get my points for my team, and I didn't do that. Hopefully I can do that this week, and hopefully the other guys can do the same and we can get this thing rolling."
I'm predicting a big Ryder Cup for Tiger for two reason:
  1. Tiger is playing well at the moment. He's fresh off a PGA Tour season that includes three wins (Arnold Palmer, Memorial, and AT&T) and he finished in the top 25 in three out of the four majors in 2012 (he finished T3 in the Open Championship). He also notched a third place finish in the recently completed FedExCup.

  2. Medinah Country Club is home course for Tiger. He won two of his 14 majors here ('97 and '06 PGA).
If he doesn't finish with a winning record, I'll be shocked. Jose Maria Olazabal needs to be careful who he puts against Tiger. If you don't believe me, just ask 2010 European Ryder Cup captain Colin Montgomerie, who warned Jose about putting Rory McIlroy up against Tiger.

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bducharm says:
Tiger not winning did not cause the Americans to lose 5 Ryder Cups. Did he contribute? Absolutely! However, in a team game they win as a team and lose as a team! Tiger only has control over so many points.
wrhall02 says:
I'm not a Tiger fan...but...Tiger always faces the toughest European players. The Europeans tend to rise to his level and play inspired golf against him.
Also, he had some partners in the past that did not help him when needed.
HOWEVER, I think he is basically correct. For the US to win, Tiger needs to put up some good points against Europe's top players.
I predict Tiger will play well and contribute...but not dominate.
Rule13 says:
Not a huge Tiger fan, but in his defense, he did say he was to blame for not getting the points he was put out there to get. I agree with you, bducharm, he can't be blamed for the rest of the team's implosion.

That being stated, I think there is a lack of team unity in general, especially with the younger version of Tiger, since he was so much aboout the intimidation factor. There was no way he was going to play together as a team with the rest of team USA. I beleive one major difference in the two teams is that Team Europe seems to play for each other, and feed off of that, and USA does not seem to have nearly as much of that. My $.02 worth.
jrbizzle says:
I like what Tiger said, a guy like him should expect to go 5-0 every time, with his talent. And he probably won't say it, but he knows that when he loses, it affects the psyche of some of the "lesser" guys on the team.
legitimatebeef says:
Just save it Woods. I mean i understand why Tiger Woods has to give ultra-measured responses to every question, but frankly enough of these ultra-measured responses to everything. 95% of the time we learn nothing. It's a charade and everyone plays along. What a waste of time.
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