Mitt Romney: Jack is "greatest athlete of 20th Century"
By mustang6560 on 9/26/12
During a campaign stop near Columbus, Ohio earlier today, Mitt Romney said Jack Nicklaus is the "greatest athlete of the 20th Century".

The Golden Bear received the complement following his speech in which he endorsed Mitt.
"What you heard from the Golden Bear, what you heard from the greatest athlete of the 20th century, the words that he spoke, have touched my heart, and I'm sure they touched your hearts as well."
The question, "Who is the greatest golfer of all time?", usually sparks intense debate. The usual suspects — Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods — all possess characteristics of the ultimate champion. However, I'm not sure any of them deserve to be regarded as the greatest athlete of all time or of the 20th Century. Sure, the 21st Century golfer is an athlete, but when I think of an athlete I think of LeBron James or Tom Brady or any one playing a cardiovascular intense sport.

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clevelandstever says:
Jack is not even the clear cut choice as greatest golfer of the 20th century, so I sure can't say he is the greatest athlete. He is in the top 50 probably, but Jordan, Carl Lewis, Gretzky, Willie Mays, Barry Sanders, Joe Montana, etc, would all rank above Jack.
brian575 says:
Pretty funny, How about Jim Thorpe, Carl Lewis, Jim Brown, heck even Barry Sanders and Michael Jordan. I will make the case for Michael Phelps above Jack he may be the closest comparison. He was a GREAT golfer but not in these other guys leagues. All of these other athletes could have been a pro in another sport except for maybe Phelps that is why he is the closest comparison. In my lifetime I say the greatest straight athlete was Bo Jackson prior to the hip surgery. Best RB in the NFL and one of the top outfielders in baseball, how amazing is that.
bkuehn1952 says:
The fact that Jack was born and raised in Ohio and Mr. Romney desperately needs Ohio's electoral college votes may have influenced his statement, do you think?
hokie003 says:
Exactly my thoughts when I saw the headline BK. Mitt is in it to play a game and try to win an election. Of course I doubt he knows much about some of the aforementioned athletes in this thread.
legitimatebeef says:
When dudes are in campaign mode you cannot take them serious.
bobhooe says:
Yea 49th greatest athlete doesn’t have the same ring to it, probably why he went with greatest.
mjaber says:
@brian575... If you're going to use the Bo Jackson argument, you open up the possibility of adding Deion Sanders to the list. I'm glad you put Thorpe in your list, though. Amazingly underrated athlete.

I'm surprised no one added Jerry Rice to the list. What about Randall Cunnigham? "Magic" Johnson? Edwin Moses?
Matt McGee says:
I'll sure be glad when the election is over.
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