Board votes 11-1 to let Sierra Harr play against the boys
By mustang6560 on 9/26/12
oober mjaber posted a link in the forums a couple weeks ago about Sierra Harr, the Idaho high school golfer who was told she couldn't play with the boys anymore because she was too good. Well, the Idaho high school sports board voted 11-1 to allow her to continue to compete against the boys.
"Nothing's changed, everything is back to the way it was," said executive director John Billetz, noting that Harr's situation is so infrequent, it does not merit a major change. "The bottom line was, this is something that was just like an anomaly."

If enough girls turn out at Castleford to create a girls' team in 2013, Harr will play with them; if not, she can compete for a spot on the boys' team.
I wonder who was the one person who voted against her? It's only fair to let her compete against the boys. It's not her fault there is not a girls team at her high school.

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cph2133 says:
The other side of the coin to this is what if a boy wants to play volleyball? The high school I work at has a girls soccer team, but not a boys. Can a boy play against the girls?

In Ohio boys tennis and girls tennis are in different seasons (not sure why). Boys play in the fall, girls in the spring. There are numerous instances where girls play soccer in the fall, and then tennis with the boys in the spring. That doesn't seem right to me, but who am I? If I'm a male, can I play against the girls in the fall, and run track in the spring?

I'm all about equality, but I can see how this would open up a can of worms.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Golf is not a direct-contact sport, so the board really had no choice but to let Sierra play. I say, "good for her" and "Go, Sierra." I'll be interested in seeing whether it was a private vote and who cast the dissenting ballot. (Moron.)
mjaber says:
@chp2133... If the boy does not give the team a competitive advantage, he can play. There was a case in Mass (I think) where a freshman boy from Ireland wanted to play field hockey, and was allowed to play on the girls' team. The determination was that since the boy was able to make the team based on his skill, and not simply because he was more physically dominant (he was one of the smallest players on the team), he was allowed to play.

In the case of there being the same sport in different seasons, I don't think that would pass the muster. If there is a team for boys and another for girls, regardless of season, you would need to play on the correct team for your sex.
legitimatebeef says:
What a disgrace. It is so common for girls to compete with boys when there is no girls' competition available to them. I mean its great that the people in charge voted in her favor, but what a disgrace that it even came to a vote. Whose idea was this? The boys who are getting their butts kicked? Their parents? If this girl was low or middle ranked player on her team, would this even be an issue? I doubt it and that is what is so embarrasing about this. This is not football, nobody's going to get hurt except for some egos. And when you get your ego hurt on the golf course you know what you do, you suck it up. You try harder. You don't call for the winner to be voted off a team because he or she is too good. That to me is just insane. Is this our society now???

And cph2133, a boy shouldn't compete in girls' sports. You are trying to use logic to make a ridiculous point that goes against common sense.
SpaceMaNy0 says:
I just wonder if she plays from the same tees as the boys. If not, she should.
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