On paper: Team USA vs. Team Europe
By mustang6560 on 9/27/12
In theory, the Ryder Cup pits the 12 best Americans against the 12 best Europeans. But, statistically, how do the teams compare to each other on paper? Well, MyGolfSpy put together an infographic to answer that very question. And as you might expect, it's a dead heat.

Team Driving Driving Accuracy GIR Proximity to hole Avg. Score
USA 293.4 yds 63.13% 66.63% 34.33 ft 70.14
Europe 292.7 yds 63.2% 64.45% 35.24 ft 70.94

Two weeks ago, Nick Faldo predicted that the 2012 Ryder Cup would finish in a draw. The last time the biennial exhibition ended 14-14 was in 1989 at The Belfry.
"You've got 12 guys on both teams playing really well," the beaten 2008 Ryder Cup captain in Valhalla told Reuters in an interview. "On paper I think it's incredibly evenly matched.

"Half-jokingly I said at the beginning of the season that we haven't had a tie for quite a while but suddenly now that notion doesn't seem so far off. Maybe a tie could be the result this year."
I really hope Nick is wrong because I hate ties in sport, especially in an event that happens so rarely. I would rather Team USA lose than see a tie.

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Image via Ryder Cup

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bducharm says:
But even a tie results in a winner - the holder gets to maintain the Cup!
mustang6560 says:
@bducharm- True. But, it's an anticlimactic way to "win".
legitimatebeef says:
Let's face it any of these 24 guys can beat any of the others, it just depends on the day.
SpaceMaNy0 says:
Every other year isn't exactly 'rarely.' I think they should make it every 4, or even 6 years. With President's Cup they do this every year.
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