DL3 gives players china, custom paddleboards
By mustang6560 on 9/27/12
It's a Ryder Cup tradition for the captains to give his players a gift.

Well, in keeping with tradition, Davis Love III gave his players china and a Ryder Cup logo paddleboard.
One of the traditions of Ryder Cup week is the captain's gift, which has ranged from china – given by U.S. captain Davis Love III to his team on Tuesday – to mountain bikes, which Tom Lehman doled out in 2006 at The K Club.

Love confirmed to GTC on Wednesday that he also had limited-edition paddleboards made for each member of this year's team. The paddleboards were built by Hawaii-based board-maker Jimmy Lewis and feature the 2012 Ryder Cup logo.
I'm sure it's difficult to buy something for someone who has several lifetimes worth of money, however, I'm a little disappointed with the gifts. If I was a millionaire and I was going to buy my millionaire friends a present, I would buy them something I would expect them to put on display in their man rooms. I doubt Tiger Woods plans to put "china" or a paddleboard on display next to his 14 major championship trophies.

What do you think about DL3's gifts?

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Image via Flickr, TourProGolfClubs

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Jattruia says:
I kinda like the paddleboard idea. Totally original, and pretty cool.
jrbizzle says:
China may seem like an odd gift, but keep in mind, the wives/significant others come to the Ryder Cup, so I'm guessing DLIII is upholding the old "happy wife, happy life" mantra.
jrbizzle says:
Oh, and I have to say, when I first read the headline, I thought they were referencing "paddle boards" i.e. the kind they commonly decorate (and sometimes use) at fraternities. I also thought that would be a neat "team building" gift.

Can't you just picture Mickelson screaming, "Damnit Bradley, what's my middle name? No, CHUG!"
legitimatebeef says:
Good god can this event get any more twee. The pomp and circumstance, the pageantry, the vapid gift-basketing, the hand-wringing over outfits, what is this a freaking cotillion. This crap is taken way too serious. I think I'm going to try avoiding watching this event. Honestly I hesitate to be a part of something this gaudy and elitist, even as a TV spectator.
GBogey says:
I think the paddleboards are cool given that DLIII is apparently really into it and owns a paddleboard shop at Sea Island. China - I don't know, but I assume that there's a reason.
bkuehn1952 says:
Never heard or saw the word "twee" used. Had to go to my Webster. Perfect word, it even sounds like its meaning. I have to admit, the beef's comments pretty much hit the target. Here we are, a bunch of manly golfers, discussing the Ryder Cup gifts. Ouch! Maybe I should re-think knitting Ryder Cup sweaters for all the guys in my golf league.
Matt McGee says:
I still think it's cool, twee cotillion or not. It's the only event in professional golf that's played just to see who wins. I think the pageantry is good - to remind everyone that it's just for fun. If that brings out the pinky-lifting finery, then so be it. I can smoke cigars in my underwear and drink Old Crow while I watch, if it starts diminishing my manhood.
jfurr says:
Great comment, beef!

I like the different golf formats they play in the Ryder Cup - but I really don't like the hyped up chest beating of the fans.
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