Illinois State Trooper saves Team Europe
By mustang6560 on 10/1/12
Rory McIlroy defeated Keegan Bradley 2&1 Sunday to secure a very important point early for the Euros. But, if it wasn't for an Illinois State Trooper, the Northern Irishman would have missed his tee time at Medinah because he accidentally mixed up his time zone.

Following his singles match victory, Rory spoke about the ordeal with Steve Sands.

I know the Ryder Cup is supposed to be a friendly competition, so the majority of me is happy the state trooper helped Rory get to the course on time. However, a small part of me thinks his act of good grace was very unpatriotic. Had he not rushed Rory to the course and he missed his tee time, Team USA would have won!

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Image via Flickr, suendercafe

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GolfSmith7 says:
We don't want to win like that
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
We don't?? The Trooper should have dropped him off at Cog Hill. Haha!
legitimatebeef says:
Yes we definitely don't want to win like that. After all this event is just about camaraderie and good golf and of course having fun. It's not about winning at all costs. That said I wonder if young Rory was guilty of being a little too nonchalant about his business. After all he is riding high lately, everything comes so easily and he could afford to breeze in a few minutes before tee time then go out and play killer golf. He said that he warmed up for 25 minutes prior to winning the PGA. I think he got a good scare though, and he seems like a solid kid so I'm sure he'll learn from this. It was a close one, had he missed this tee time it would've been an ugly mark on his record.
Torleif Sorenson says:
This still serves as a lesson for the Ryder Cup captains, the assistant captains, and their support staff. They need to treat this like a space shuttle mission; everything before the match gets scheduled, including transportation.
clevelandstever says:
Yeah, I am kind of shocked they don't have a scheduled wake up call or set reminders for these guys. At the same time they normally play everything individually, so the team mentality has to be pretty foreign to them all.
C-4 says:
Yeah..I have mixed emotions..its not our responsibility to make sure you make your tee time
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