"I said to Francesco 'you have to half this match'"
By mustang6560 on 10/2/12
"To concede or not", that was the question of the Ryder Cup.

In a post-Ryder Cup press conference earlier today, European skipper Jose Maria Olazabal answered that very question.
Olazabal also explained how he had asked Francesco Molinari to take a half in the anchor match of the singles. If Molinari had failed, the score would have finished as a 14-14 tie — which would have meant that Europe would keep the cup, but without the honour that comes with an outright win.

"I said to Francesco 'you have to half this match'. There's a huge difference between tying and winning the cup. I know some people might think Francesco should have given Tiger that short putt, but at the end of the day the rules are the rules. It was important to finish the match."
So it wasn't entirely Francesco's decision to finish the hole ... it still doesn't make it right. As Cliff Schrock wrote, Jose Maria and Europe missed an opportunity for the double victory (to retain the cup AND reinforce the whole idea of the Ryder Cup). But, Jose Maria won't be able to make a similar decision in the future as he said he doesn't want to captain the Ryder Cup again.

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dartboss04 says:
I think the rules are flawed at this point to allow a tie. I don't necessarily have a solution off the top of my head, but as soon as Kaymer holed the putt, the cup was over. Maybe it wasn't an official outright win, but the Kaymer and the Europeans celebrated like it was a win. If the half point from Francesco was so important, why the celebration? I'm not faulting them for celebrating, because I would too. It's the logic that all of a sudden the half point means something. I can't judge Francesco or Tiger based on what they did from the fairway, because every subsequent shot after the Kaymer putt was not under the same pressure as even their tee shot. It was an awesome comeback, but they should have picked the balls up in the fairway.
elindholm says:
By far the sportsmanlike thing for Molinari to do would have been to concede the match to Woods once both had short par putts. I almost wonder whether Woods missed the putt on purpose to prove a point; it wasn't difficult and he didn't even burn the edge.
...the Murseless says:
Yup - still sounds like sour grapes.
dartboss04 says:
@...the Murseless...no sour grapes here at all...the europeans kicked our butts sunday and deserved the win...i don't care that he made Tiger putt as he was told too...i just think the rules should be changed in a way that players don't need to finish if the cup is won or retained and the same situation wouldn't happen again to either side...the pressure was gone and it just felt awkward with them finishing up...the pressure up through kaymers putt was palpable...my stomach hurt...post putt...there was nothing...
Tim Horan says:
All I saw was petulance on TW's part having missed the putt he said without thinking that FM's putt was good! If Molinari had missed his putt it still would have been a draw so why would Molinari concede TW's putt.
Tim Horan says:
Who would concede a four foot putt to TW these days? Especially under the pressure of a Ryder Cup - To say it didn't matter because the cup was already in European hands is sour grapes. I am sure that TW wanted to win his match as much as wanted to draw the cup.
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