Phil Mickelson to attempt million halftime Chip4Charity
By mustang6560 on 10/8/12
From 100 yards away, do you think you could hit the middle ring of a bullseye?


Liar OK, now add a stadium full of rowdy NFL football fans, millions of television viewers, and a million dollar prize. Do you still think you could hit the middle ring?

If you said yes again, then you're probably a compulsive liar Phil Mickelson because that is exactly what Lefty will attempt to do next Monday night during halftime of the San Diego Chargers football game.
Every shot Phil Mickelson takes in a tournament has big bucks riding on it. Heck, so do all the ones he attempts during his famous early-week money matches with fellow PGA Tour players.

But this time, it's not his money.

Mickelson will hit a 100-yard shot for charity during halftime of the NFL's Oct. 15 Monday Night Football game between his hometown San Diego Chargers and the Denver Broncos. The lefty will take aim from one of Qualcomm Stadium's end zones and fire at targets in the other. Based on which target he's able to hit (we're assuming there won't be a Webb Simpson-like Ryder Cup shank), that's how much his sponsor KPMG will donate to First Book, a non-profit organization which provides new books for children in need.
If any professional golfer can hit a small target from 100 yards away in front of millions of viewers with a million dollars on the line, Phil Mickelson can. Conversely, Phil Mickelson is also entirely capable of airmailing the temporary green disappointing everyone watching. We'll have to tune in next Monday to see which Phil Mickelson shows up.

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bducharm says:
And I'm sure he will have Bones tending the target!!!
legitimatebeef says:
"From 100 yards away, do you think you could hit the middle ring of a bullseye?"

What do you mean, of course I think I can. Why else would we play this G-D game?

"OK, now add a stadium full of rowdy NFL football fans, millions of television viewers, and a million dollar prize. Do you still think you could hit the middle ring?"

Again, yes!! I would be freaked out okay, but given the chance I would try it and with the full belief that it's possible. This does not make me a compulsive liar. Just a confident golfer. Nathan. I think we better have a talk about you and this breaking 80 business. You and I both know you have the physical ability to get it done. I've heard things. We all know about the hole in one. Your response to this scenario makes me wonder. Are you taking dead aim out there, are you taking shots with a real sense of purpose, or just giving yourself vague targets and resigning to playing status quo golf. Get back to me.
bkuehn1952 says:
I am with the beef on this. It is not like I have to put up $1,000,000 of my own money. Where is the pressure?

On the topic of breaking 80, why the heck do you let Gooch68 select the tee at 7,000 yards?? You should be playing from 6,000 yards until you break 80. Once you cross that hurdle, play from any tee you want. 7,000 yards?? You obviously want to be frustrated.
Torleif Sorenson says:
My advance sympathy to the stadium grounds crew, who will have to repair Lefty's divots. :-P
mjaber says:
This could be more difficult than just a 100-yard pitch shot. The thin air. The swirling wind. No idea what the forecast is, but I imagine it'll be alot colder than Phil is used to playing in.

I think they should make it a little more interesting. Move up to 60 yards, and put Phil up against the kickers. Phil has a target below the uprights, and the kickers have to put it through. Last one to miss wins.
larrynjr says:
aren't most NFL stadiums using artifical turf these days? Even if not, they'll probably put a practice mat for him to hit off.
falcon50driver says:
You just never know which golfer will show up. I was at a Ducks Unlimited Party and they had set up an inner tube 100 yards out in a pond with a net across the center. For a dollar you would get 3 tries to hit a golf ball into the net for a prize. By the way, there was a fellow off to the side with a shotgun trying to take your ball out of play. My first shot bounced off the inner tube, the second shot plopped into the center of the net. The Prize? A string of duck decoys. I donated them back to the club.
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