"Can you just imagine what something like this would do for Rory McIlroy"
By mustang6560 on 10/9/12
If you were Pat Hickey, the president of the Olympic Council of Ireland, and you wanted to bribe get Rory McIlroy to play for the Republic of Ireland instead of Great Britain in the 2016 Olympic Games, what would you offer him?

How about the chance to be the country's flag-bearer during the Opening Ceremony in Rio de Janeiro?
"I will say to Rory that if he declares for Ireland, then he will automatically put himself in pole position to carry the Irish tricolour into the Olympic stadium in Rio," said Hickey, who is also a board member on the International Olympic Committee.

. . .

"Can you just imagine what something like this would do for Rory McIlroy," Hickey added. "It would suddenly catapult him into the realms of being one of the most instantly recognisable sporting faces on the planet. Because make no mistake about it, that's what carrying the flag does for people."
Pat, I know you're fighting a losing an uphill battle, especially since Rory has already hinted that he's leaning toward Great Britain, so it's going to be difficult for you to change his mind. But, you're going to have to do better than that. Great Britain can offer him the same ceremonial flag-bearer position. Plus, I'm not sure I buy into the idea that waving Ireland's flag during the Opening Ceremony would elevate his status in the world any higher than being number one in the Official World Golf Rankings or winning two major championships by the ripe old age of 23 or dating an underwear model who is also a tennis player.

You're going to have to offer him something Great Britain can't — like unlimited Guinness and/or Jameson for the rest of his life. Or the chance to be Prime Minister of Ireland for a day.

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Jattruia says:
Can anyone name the Irish flag bearer for the 2012 Olympics?

Yeah, he may need to do better than that.
jpjeffery says:
This just might be used a a dictionary definition of clutching at straws...
Matt McGee says:
What do you offer a guy who has absolutely freakin' everything?
bducharm says:
@Matt McGee - what do you offer him? The chance to represent his country!!! What ever happened to honor? What ever happened to pride in country? Oh wait, that went away when we allowed NBA players to play in the Olympics!!! I know - not the topic, but if Rory cannot see the honor in representing Ireland in the Olympics, then let him go!
lundeland says:
To honor - if you can't come in her, come honor.
Ianinho says:
@ Mustache It was Katie Taylor ;)

and Ireland do not have a Prime Minister, but he would probably do as good a job as our current government, so let him at it I say.
Matt F says:
@bducharm +1000 points for you sir. Hit the nail on the head.

@lundeland - really? LOL
legitimatebeef says:
A couple weeks ago I met a kid wearing a replica "Jumeirah" Titleist cap. Rory has already arrived.
Matt McGee says:
@bducharm - I agree completely.. and in some circles, a McIlroy representing Britain rather than Ireland might be considered treasonous.
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