The attack of the long putter!
By mustang6560 on 10/10/12
I had no idea that long putters were dangerous.
Levin had surgery Tuesday in Los Angeles to repair a torn ligament in his left thumb, the result of a freak injury that occurred during putting practice three weeks ago.

Levin tweaked his thumb while handling his belly putter, which is longer and heavier than a conventional model. The thumb wasn't getting better with rest.

"We got three opinions," said Don Levin, Spencer's father. "One guy said more rest, two guys said surgery."
The USGA and R&A already don't like long putters because players anchor them against their abdomen or sternum and the ruling bodies plan to ban them later this year issue a ruling on their collective future in golf by the end of the year. And, thanks to Spencer, the case against broomsticks just got a little easier. Not only do they go against the spirit of the game (see anchoring), they also cause injury.

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Kurt the Knife says:
Hard game, this.
bducharm says:
It's funny this subject came up. I recently went in to Golfsmith here in Austin. They had the Ping Nome adjustable belly putter. I started tinkering with it and I couldn't miss. It rolls the ball SO good. However, the price is a bit prohibitive. They want $300 for it. So I took a couple of old putters and I am going to make them belly putters. I will report on how that works.
legitimatebeef says:
Ah yes, the unspoken difficulties of the long putter. You can't twirl it in your fingers, you can't do the frustrated flip toss when you miss a short one, can't scoop up the ball with it all breezy like. Also I would imagine its too unwieldy to raise in the air in celebration. I wonder what Spencer Levin was doing to cause himself an injury. In any case what a doofus.
joe jones says:
Jeez...I must be doing something right. Been using a long putter (48") since 1970. Thats 42 years and counting. Other than inflicting severe pain to my opponents wallets I don't think anything physical has ever happened to me. Maybe the Royal and Ancient could use my story to balance out what so far has been a very stupid attack on long putters. I can't wait for the law suites that will come from what happens when they are banned. Not the users. The putter manufacturers.Just think the square groove debacle and the Casey Martin lawsuit.
joe jones says:
bducharm. Look up my story in Golfer of the week. I made my own putter " Big Ugly" using the brass bottom of a lamp for a head and a ski pole for the shaft. Still have it and it still works.
mantajim says:
@bducharm ~ Check out For about 10% of the cost of a new belly putter, you can turn any ole putter into an adjustable belly putter. After a small bout of the yips I checked out several belly putters and like how my stroke smoothed out. Not wanting to spend a lot of cash, I googled how to make a belly putter and found their website. I used it on two putters; blade & mallet. Like the mallet best.
C-4 says:
If the guy you are playing with is whipping you with a belly putter..go get one..if not, just play the dont matter what you hit the ball with, you still have to read the green and put it in the hole....stop all the whinning about the belly putter!!!
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