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Reduced Rory
By Torleif Sorenson on 10/17/12
Well, we cannot say we didn't see this coming...

Reports out of the UK suggest that Rory McIlroy will reduce his tournament schedule in 2013.  This year, McIlroy has played in 21 events, 16 of which are official PGA Tour events, along with the high-stress, pressure-cooker Ryder Cup.

("Officer, can you give me a ride to the course?")

But in 2011, after winning the U.S. Open, McIlroy took an entire month off, then was basically a non-factor at the Open Championship and the PGA.

So one of the big questions is, which events will he cut out of his U.S. schedule?  After all...

  • He won the Honda Classic, so bailing out of that event after winning it would be rather uncouth and unprofessional;

  • At the Wells Fargo Championship at Quail Hollow, he went to a playoff that was won by Rickie Fowler, so fans and the tournament organizers will expect him back.  Plus, Quail Hollow has become one of the most prestigious non-major stops on the PGA Tour;

  • He missed the cut at The Memorial, but that's Jack Nicklaus's event and most PGA Tour players want to win it;

  • He played in the three WGC events (Match Play, Cadillac, and Bridgestone), all of which are also important non-majors;

  • He played in all four FedEx Cup playoff events, winning the Deutsche Bank in Boston and the BMW in Indianapolis in consecutive weeks. So bailing out of those isn't very likely, either.
Call me crazy, but it is entirely possible that even though he finished T-7 in Memphis, that is likely the only event Rory could cut out of his stateside schedule.

Nice problem to have, Rory.

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mustang6560 says:
You're absolutely right - it'll be hard for Rory to pare down his schedule.
bducharm says:
I see him playing almost exclusively on the PGA Tour since he is moving here. Same for Westwood.
Tim Horan says:
I am not so sure he can cut down his schedule without putting some noses out of joint. Defending titles or not he has to find a break somewhere. Totally committing to the PGA and not travelling much beyond the European majors (The Open and Dubai for instance)will not produce the complete, all round golf that we have come to expect from him. Asia and Australasia are a different type of golf as are the links (Open). I am not suggesting that perhaps once committed to the PGA that he will do badly at these specialist events only that he will be less accustomed to the week on week variance.
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