PGA Tour absorbs Canadian Professional Golf Tour
By mustang6560 on 10/19/12
It's official — Tim Finchem is now the most powerful man in golf.
After lending strategic and financial support to the Canadian Professional Golf Tour in 2012 and evaluating all aspects of the business, the PGA TOUR has agreed to assume operational control of what will become PGA TOUR Canada in 2013. The conversion will begin Nov. 1.

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"Having gained a thorough understanding of the golf landscape in Canada over the course of the 2012 season, we are confident that by fully dedicating our assets and resources, PGA TOUR Canada will be well positioned to play an increasingly important role in professional golf," Finchem said. "With a solid foundation of existing tournaments along with outstanding opportunities to establish new events, we are confident PGA TOUR Canada will strengthen and grow in the coming years."
If the European Tour is not careful, it will be the next professional golf tour to be absorbed by the PGA Tour. The European Tour recently amended its tournament count to include the Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup as official tournaments in hopes of attracting Tiger Woods to join. If Mr. Woods does in fact take up dual membership, it will help attract new sponsors (which apparently it needs). If not, the European Tour may one day become "PGA Tour Europe".

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bkuehn1952 says:
Tim is the new Tiger Woods!
Matt McGee says:
PGA Canada - How many events can they squeeze into a 5-week warm season?
rmetz676 says:
I think this will be great for states with great courses, but no professional tounaments. The PGA Tour couldn't survive in Milwaukee, but a PGA Canada Tour stop with some locals getting sponsor exemptions would draw close to the same as the GMO did. You can put tounaments in Minnesota, the Dakotas, Idaho, etc
windowsurfer says:
Hey McGee . . . yeah, you have got it warm and easy in the sultry savannah climate of tropical SPOKANE!
jeffcroupier says:
does this mean that Moe Norman's career now counts as a PGA Tour career????
Matt McGee says:
Yeah, surfer. Good point. It's only really crappy here for about 1/3 of the year. Nearly paradise.
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