Scuttlebutt: Rory McIlroy is finally signing with Nike Golf
By mustang6560 on 10/19/12
According to Brian Keogh of, Rory McIlroy finally penned a deal with Nike Golf.
Rumours of a McIlroy move from Titleist to Nike, which have been brewing for several years, gathered considerabe momentum during the summer given the friendly rivalry that has emerged between Nike Golf's number one player, Tiger Woods, and the 23-year old from Holywood.

It's no secret that McIlroy's deal with Titleist expires at the end of this year. And while we've been assured by our sources that he's going to Nike to the tune of $250 million over 10 years, we're going to have to wait until he turns up in Abu Dhabi in January for confirmation that he will wear the famous swoosh from head to toe.

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GolfSmith7 says:
I like the move, in due time Tiger will pass the baton to his apparent heir!
legitimatebeef says:
Good, maybe he'll dump that dopey "Jumeirah" hat. Give it a rest already, nobody really wants to go to vacation in Abu Dhabi.
DougE says:
Titleist will surely miss him. He's the best they have, and they have a lot of great players.
Anti-Mulligan says:
Oakley has the best apparel, he did well for them. Nike tries but lacks in this area. The jumeirah hat leaving will be great though. Titleist is losing a great player, Nike's stuff is still second tier to me.
airhead says:
I guess Nike need someone we can believe when they talk or actually as something to say, that is not scripted.
GBogey says:
Interesting marketing strategy to focus on 2 key guys versus how the guys chase more players. Agree with Anti-Mulligan that I consider Nike equipment 2nd tier, but I have to admit I looked at almost every putter out there last year and surprised myself by buying a Nike that has worked great, so who knew.
mmontisano says:
i don't know how but Nike's golf street cred got trashed somewhere for no reason. their apparel is probably one of the best out there and i'd put their clubs on par with Cobra and PING. this "inferior equipment" nonsense is just that.
jfurr says:
$25 million per year. Holy Cow. I was going to say that I'm disappointed following Tiger but I understand.
kwjenkins says:
Hate it. Not a fan of the Nike swoosh/gear period and lets be clear; Nike golf without Tiger over the last 10 years would be considered inferior equipment! Tiger is the Nike front man. I would love to see Rory in head to toe TITLEIST, just drop the J????? on the hat. Titleist doesn't need a front man to make their gear relevant but it sure would be cool if they did and Rory plucked the baton out of Tigers hands and replaced it with a Pro V1. Love my Titleist, thanks for reading!
frankteo714 says:
I'm starting to slowly move to Nike equipment myself. Not sure if I'll ever give up my Vokey wedges or Ghost putter though. Been wearing their apparel since day one of my golf career. Can't beat it.
Matt F says:
This rumour is exactly that, a rumour. It's been around before and hasn't happened...only time will tell. Although I have to agree that to me, Nike is 2nd tier equipment.
Matt Otskey says:
In my opinion...Nike clubs are usually a step below the competition. Especially their Drivers, woods, and game-improvement irons. But I absolutely love their wedges and blade irons. I feel their newest VR Forged Blades are the best available on the market. Of course, you have to want to play blades, which most people do not. Even the split-cavity combo set is solid.
Scott Shields says:
Going to miss him in Titleist. He'll miss the 913 ...
Virtuaframax says:
never been and never will a Nike player... I'm a huge acushnet follower, from Titleist to FJ for clothing and equipment... I really hope this is just a rumor...

Nobody mentioned it, but how would Tiger feel? I would feel like im being replaced...
carv712 says:
I'm over all the Nike hating. It's all about what your needs are. I wanted irons that provided forgiveness but gave me feedback on my misses. If you are looking for an 8 iron that flies 200 yards on a MIS-HIT than I'm sure there is a BurnerzBallz4.0RocketPocket11 iron available to you. To me second rate means the equipment is made poorly or out of poor materials that degrade faster. I haven't had that experience with any Nike product I've ever purchased.
carv712 says:
That having been said Nike drivers are GARBAGE ;)
Dusty23 says:
carv712- I think you're right on the drivers, you can tell somebody hitting one of those from three holes away. I personally have never had much luck with Nike, their sneakers just never seem to fit my gunboats and I guess that bias is translated over to their golf stuff too. I did get some balls to test from them once, don't remember which ones, but they felt like I was hitting rocks.
carv712 says:
I had a buddy who broke something on the inside of his Nike VR driver not once but twice. He swings hard but not so hard as to bust the clubhead from the inside out after 2 rounds of golf. Was it shoddy construction? That did leave a bad taste in my mouth. But I love my VR cavity irons, and some of their more recent golf ball offerings. It seems to me that Taylormade has such a choke hold on the equipment industry that other companys are in a tough position where they can either do similar things and seem like copy cats or try to carve their own path and then have some people mistakenly regard their products as second tier.
golfingbumunderpar64 says:
Micheal Jordan made Nike, tiger brought it to golf, rory is just picking up where tiger left it. Either way Nike is crap. I heard one time that tiger actually plays with mizunos with a Nike check on it. If that was true even tiger thinks its crap.
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