"These rumours have been going around for years"
By mustang6560 on 10/24/12
The scuttlebutt floating around the Internet is that Rory McIlroy is joining forces with Tiger Woods at Nike Golf. But the Internet is an unruly place where people can start rumors largely without fear of consequence. So before we all run out and buy Nike Golf equipment, let's ask the man at the center of the gossip whether or not it's true.
"These rumours have been going around for years and it seems to always come up at this time of the year," McIlroy said at Lake Malaren Golf Club.

"I leave it up to Conor (Ridge, McIlroy's manager) to sort out as it leaves me to concentrate on my golf.

"That's all I can do and besides I have enough to think about trying to get the ball in the hole.

"Also I've got a very important end to my season coming up and I need to concentrate myself fully on that goal."
He didn't confirm the rumor but he also didn't deny it either which leads me to believe it's true. If the scuttlebutt wasn't true, then he'd want to reinforce his loyalty to Titleist and FootJoy and deny the rumor. I also think it's true because I was told by an industry friend that Nike Golf "is planning a big surprise" for the PGA Merchandise Show next January. Adding current world number one to your stable would be a "big surprise", wouldn't you say?

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mtgolfidiot says:
So this guy has incredible success with Titleist clubs and is going to switch? How often have we heard about golfers who switch club manufacturers and promptly hit a lull in their game?
jkyleolson says:
For $250 million dollars Id happily hit a lull in my game
mustang6560 says:
If the rumor is true, I'm willing to bet Rory has been working with Nike to build exact replicas of his current Titleist 712 MB irons so I doubt there will be a lull. That said, I agree with jkyleolson, I'd be willing to have a lull for $250 million.
Virtuaframax says:
Titleist quality speaks for itself and unlike Nike, they don't need to keep having the number 1 golfer as commercial to attract sales... they prob don't want to pay as much as Nike (with unlimited bdg apparently) would... Just to mention a few great players who were Titleist ambassadors: and lured away for unreasonable contracts: Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Ernie Els,Luke Donald...
Scott Shields says:
I love Titleist, but why do these guys turn pro? To make money, and this is his big pay day ... plus, like it was said above, I would bet alot of money that Nike is already working on a MB replica more or less, that will be exactly what rory wants... The only downside in my opinion is him not having a 913 D3 in his bag, that driver is amazing, so we'll see what Nike does to match that.
legitimatebeef says:
Scuttlebutt, I hear that word and I picture a dog dragging his anus across the floor.
jwsilvers says:
Im with legitimatebeef, lol. I wouldnt be surprised if tiger had a lot of influence on this during the fedex cup, he and rory were real chummy over those few weeks. Im sure tiger was letting him take a peek at his bank statment and that was all it took. Either way this wont make me go by nike golf anything I love my ap2s vokey wedges and cameron putters.
Wes11point5 says:
Heck, Nike can give me $20 million and I will quit golf altogether........well, maybe not. I will still take the cash however.
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