Flooding at the CC of Fairfield
Hello Hurricane
By Torleif Sorenson on 10/30/12
Before anything else, our sincere thoughts and prayers go to everyone who has suffered under Hurricane Sandy, especially those whose friends and family are among those dead and missing in the storm.

As of 1:15 pm CT, the toll stands at 38 people dead and at least 8.2 million people without electrical power.  Some of the pictures from New York City and New Jersey are truly breathtaking, including images of flood-water pouring into subway stations and overwhelming neighborhoods and homes.

While we certainly will not minimize the human suffering and tremendous damage to our roads and infrastructure, we decided to take a "snapshot view" of how Hurricane Sandy has affected the game we love.  Obviously, the damage to golf courses is expected to be widespread, including at the Country Club of Fairfield in Connecticut (above right).

Numerous golf events have either been pushed back or cancelled, including:
The Golf Course Superintendents Association of America is, collectively, no stranger to weather-related golf course damage; they have already posted articles and web-casts on how course supers and owners can recover from flooding and Hurricane Sandy-related wreckage.

Several non-profit charitable and relief organizations definitely can use your financial assistance, including the American Red Cross and Samaritan's Purse:

Image via CT Post

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DougE says:
Live right here in the middle of it in CT. Dozens of homes have been lost along the shoreline. Flooding damage in the billions in CT alone. Far worse on the NJ shore and in Manhattan. I was lucky. No property damage to speak of. Lost power, but already have it back, which is much more than I can say for millions of others in the northeast. This was a devastating weather EVENT! And it is still going on inland, into the midwest now.

BTW, the pic of CC of Fairfield brings back memories. Played there 4 or 5 times before I was a serious golfer, in charity tournaments and with a business associate who knew the superintendent well. At the time, I didn't realize how special it was to get a chance to play this links style course which sits along the shores of LI Sound at one of the most elite CCs in the country. Now, after becoming a golf fanatic over the last 6 or 7 years, I would give my left you-know-what to get an opportunity to play there again. Unfortunately, my business connection no longer exists.
mjaber says:
We were lucky. A tree came down behind us... big one, but it didn't hit anything (other than the ground). I've got some small branches and a lot of leaves to clean up. Other than that, nothing. We didn't even lose power.

Only difficulty was being cooped up in the house with a 2-year old for 2 days.
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