Graeme McDowell injures hand in freak hotel door accident
By mustang6560 on 11/2/12
As a professional (all oobers are professionals, right?), if you accidentally injured your hand, would you be able to continue doing your job? Or would you have to take time off to let it heal?

I ask because Graeme McDowell is facing that very predicament. The Northern Irishman managed to injure his hand (which is critical for a golfer) in a freak hotel door accident and may miss part of the remainder of his 2012 season as a result.
"He got it treated this morning. It was obviously quite sore because he said it feels like it's broken," said Ridge. "They've confirmed since that it's not broken, it's just bruised.

"He did it this morning before he left the hotel room, literally when he was on his way down here so we're going to see what it's like in the morning."

Ridge added: "He's not going to want to miss any of them (his last events). He's looking forward to going to Australia, he hasn't played there for a long time.
I know Graeme is a competitor ann all and competitors always want to be out there, but there is no reason for him to play the remainder of the season unless his hand is 100%. Sure, he's with striking distance of winning the Race to Dubai (#7) but let's be honest, winning the money title on the European Tour isn't nearly as important as being ready to contend for majors in 2013.

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Image via Flickr, Bill Spruce

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birdieXris says:
As a photoshop professional, yes i'd have to take a break if my right hand was seriously injured. Depending on the injury. That sucks for GMac though. Doesn't say what the injury was though? did he slam it in the door accidentally?
frankteo714 says:
Had to take 5 weeks off this summer due to a broken finger in a freak accident as well. Couldn't even make a fist with my right hand. Was in a swing slump before the accident too, then came back a few days after being cleared and shot my best round ever. Time off isn't the worst thing sometimes.
C-4 says:
i wonder what he did?????
Torleif Sorenson says:
BX and Frank: I sympathize with you; this is part of the reason I don't downhill-ski anymore. I am a cellist and bassist - if I were to break a thumb, I would be in huge trouble.
bkuehn1952 says:
I took a spill from my bike (the pedal kind) this summer when an unaware motorist cut me off. Scraped all the flesh off the base of my hands. Glad I was wearing a helmet as the large impact mark could have been on my forehead. I hobbled home, wiped off the dirt, grit and blood, then grabbed a club to make sure I could still grip it. All was good, if a bit uncomfortable.
white_rabbitt says:
haha good stuff bkuehn...I immediately think of my golf game whenever I sustain an injury these days too! Broke my ankle earlier this year and played the next golf league night a week later!
larrynjr says:
no hand injuries,(fingers crossed) but been dealing with a probably knee tendonitis. And of course it IS golf that makes it hurt the most. Once golf is off the table weather wise I'll be off to the doc. I may have to miss ski season to heal but I damn sure will be ready for golf next year!
bkuehn1952 says:
@white_rabbit - absolutely! A couple years ago I broke an ankle and as I was falling to the turf my one thought was "oh no ... golf season is about to start!"
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