Golf is a presidential game
By mustang6560 on 11/8/12
The good news following Barack Obama's re-election is that regardless of your political affiliation, the campaigning is over. The incessant political bickering, the relentless attack ads, and the numerous half-truths (from both sides) is over, done, finished! At least for a couple years...

But even though the next presidential election is four years away, POTUS hopefuls will start putting together exploratory campaigns to test their likability. And as notes, it would behoove the next wave of candidates to take up golf because the last non-golfer to win the Presidency was Jim Carter in 1980.

Here is a scorecard of the last nine elections:
  • 1980: Ronald Reagan (golfer) defeats Jimmy Carter (non-golfer)

  • 1984: Ronald Reagan defeats Walter Mondale (non-golfer)

  • 1988: George H.W. Bush (golfer) defeats Michael Dukakis (non-golfer)

  • 1992: Bill Clinton (golfer) defeats George H.W. Bush

  • 1996: Bill Clinton defeats Bob Dole (non-golfer)

  • 2000: George W. Bush (golfer) defeats Al Gore (non-golfer)

  • 2004: George W. Bush defeats John Kerry (non-golfer)

  • 2008: Barack Obama (golfer) defeats John McCain (non-golfer)

  • 2012: Barack Obama defeats Mitt Romney (the anti-golfer)

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legitimatebeef says:
So the lesson here is, if you don't play golf chances are you a loser.


mustang6560 says:
Glad you're back, beef. We missed you while you were away :)
tennesseeboy says:
I say next election we replace one of the debates with a round of golf. Winner gets a couple of electoral college votes.... It's just an idea.
bkuehn1952 says:
I'm with @tennesseeboy. Also, allow the candidates to think they are not being videotaped or recorded.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Despite his horrendous back troubles, JFK was pretty good on the course, as well. And of course, Ike had a long relationship with Augusta National.
C-4 says:
Romney..the anti golfer and anti
legitimatebeef says:
Thanks Nate. It is good to be back on the grid. Though my golf game is still MIA. Frankly I was a little surprised there was no front page story on the hurricane. I was w/o power and heat for four nights!!! I don't think you nancy-boys fully appreciate how freakin' hard that is!!!
Bryan K says:
Beef: I come from Fargo. Granted, I've only been without power for two nights at the most, but it's considerably more difficult when the wind chill is -80.
legitimatebeef says:
Bry that's crazy and we got nothing on North Dakota conditions. Blackout in the city had its own challenges though--I live on a 10th floor and I have a dog that needs to be let out 3x a day. That was the grueling part for me, since I also had to make the trips outside to get food and battery re-charges and cell signals and whatnot. Also no electricity means no running water for anyone above a 6th floor, yikes. Ah, looking back it was all in good fun.
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