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Bring Your Fine Self Home
By Torleif Sorenson on 11/19/12
(With a hat-tip to Albert Collins for the musical reference...)

Adam Scott may be from Adelaide, not Melbourne, but the comfort level was there nonetheless.  Scott held off Ian Poulter to take a come-from-behind win the Australian Masters on Sunday, November 18, at Kingston Heath, a short-but-very attractive private course southeast of Melbourne.
"Winning is a habit. It's tough to win out here so if you can get into a habit of winning... then that is confidence-building going into next season and what I'll do leading up to Augusta.  The Australian Masters is a tournament I've been wanting to win since I was a kid and watching since I was really young.  So it's great to achieve that and maybe I can set a theme of winning jackets and turn it green next year."
Perhaps most shocking from Poulter was hitting a fairway bunker three times at 12, then missing tap-in at 17.  Poulter admitted his mistakes, but credited Scott with doing what needed to be done:
"All credit to Adam.  He shot five-under today and it was tricky, it was windy, it was playing a lot tougher today than it was yesterday.  He played solid and forced me into a couple of silly mistakes."
What remains to be seen now is, if a ban on long putters is enacted, how Scott will adjust; the broomstick served him well on Sunday, including drilling a long bomb from the fringe at the 2nd.  But at least for now, with his Open Championship collapse four months in the rear-view mirror, Adam Scott looks pretty good in a gold jacket.

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Image via The Age

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bducharm says:
Good for Adam. Seems like a good kid - in spite of having Stevie on his bag!!!
Matt F says:
I think Stevie on his bag is working well for him. I also think Stevie has lost some (by no means all) of his arrogance since teaming up with Adam. Yes, he has said some stuff, which was a dig at his old boss, but who hasn't? Unfortunately, his was public not private.
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