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Tommy "Two Gloves" Gainey wins Pebble Beach Invitational
By Torleif Sorenson on 11/21/12
It isn't an official PGA Tour event, but a win is still a win.  Plus, there is something special about winning at Pebble Beach...

Just last month, Tommy "Two Gloves" Gainey won the PGA Tour's McGladrey Classic, securing a two-year exemption by shooting an eye-popping 60 in the final round.  This past Sunday, November 18, "Two Gloves" won the Pebble Beach Invitational, an event that includes PGA Tour, LPGA, Hogan Nike Nationwide Tour, and Senior Champions Tour players.

For his efforts, the $60,000 winner's share will not count toward his official Tour earnings, but the money is still real.
"I was looking at the scoreboard and I knew I needed the putt to win.  I was glad it went in."
OK, so Gainey doesn't the most imaginative vocabulary in professional golf, but it is befitting of a "blue collar golf hero" who got his big break by winning "The Big Break VII: Reunion at Reunion."

And he did remove both of his gloves for the trophy presentation...

It's always fun to see what happens when a proverbial "plumber" gets invited to the "grand ball."  In this case, the "plumber" proved to be a star.  Congratulations again, Tommy - you deserve it!

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bkuehn1952 says:
Has any other Big Break participant, male or female, enjoyed any success on any pro tour?
hp says:
Kristy McPherson. Almost won 2 LPGA majors in 2009. The Golf Channel thought she was going to be the first winner out of the Big Break participants.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Excellent question, Brian... I will write a follow-up article to satisfy our collective curiosity.
Duke of Hazards says:
@bkuehn - The Australian guy, James Nitties, that lasted mid-way thru Big Break-Mesquite has done reasonably well.

I like Gainey. I followed him briefly during the 2nd round of the Northern Trust a couple years back. I remember him getting ready to tee off on 5, which is a dogleg left par 4 with an embankment and trees to the right with houses up on the ridge. Must've been his first visit to Riviera because he turned to his caddie and asked "Where do I even aim?".
srogers13 says:
Gerinda Pillar as not won, but she contended in a major, and came close to winning a couple of tourneys this year.
bducharm says:
The problem with Big Break now is that they are putting people on there that have already tried and failed to play professional golf. Anthony Rodriguez is a good example. They are putting pro's relatives (Haynes Snedaker) and others that really are not looking for the "big break". The first couple were the best and I actually have refused to watch any longer. Good for Tommy!!! He definitely took advantage of his Big Break!!!
bkuehn1952 says:
So there have been two men (Gainey & Nitties) and two women (Piller & McPherson) that have spent time on the PGA/LPGA tours. My impression was that the first couple series had a lot more contestants that would most likely never make it. Ultimately producing 4 viable players is pretty good considering how many golfers are very good but don't quite have "it" when compared to tour professionals.
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