Thanks to you, oobers!
By Torleif Sorenson on 11/21/12
Fellow oobers, we have been spending some extra time giving thanks and acknowledging our blessings here at oobGolf.  I started the ball rolling on October 25, then Terry Koehler (a.k.a. The Wedge Guy) piped in yesterday with a heartfelt piece acknowledging his good fortunes, even in tough circumstances.

Thanksgiving is a fine time to thank all of you for using oobGolf in the various ways you do: From the busy forums, to our international golf course directory, to our daily Fore Play postings.  We truly appreciate all of you who have gotten a membership and jumped in on the action.

Even when you disagree with me.  (Like yesterday.)

Personally, I wish to give a special hat-tip to four (sets of) people:
  1. All of you oobers who have either fed me updated information on the over 31,800 courses and facilities in our database, or have offered kind feedback for my work behind the scenes.

  2. Our excellent developers, IT staff, managers, and directors.  Doing this research, writing, and editing is a privilege - not a right - and I am genuinely grateful for you men and women "setting the virtual table" for us.

  3. Nathan, our excellent online community manager and overall pilot of the ship that is  I very much appreciate working with you - and not just because you insisted that I bring my clubs with me two months ago.   :)

  4. Andrew and Kevin, for starting in the first place!
Whether you are an oober who actively participates on our site, or if you simply lurk and surf our content and databases, thank you for making such an enjoyable and encouraging endeavor.

Mange takk!

"What a beautiful place a golf course is. From the meanest country pasture to the Pebble Beaches and Saint Andrews's of the world, a golf course is to me a holy ground. I feel God in the trees, and the grass and the flowers, and in the rabbits and the birds and the squirrels; in the sky and the water. I feel that I am home."
— Harvey Penick (1905-1995), legendary PGA teaching professional

"A day without golf is a day wasted."
— HRH The Prince Andrew (1960- ), The Duke of York

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