USGA expected to issue ruling on anchored putting tomorrow
By mustang6560 on 11/27/12
According to John Paul Newport of The Wall Street Journal, the USGA is expected to issue its ruling on anchored putting tomorrow.
On Wednesday the U.S. Golf Association is expected to announce its much-anticipated decision on whether to ban anchored putting. This would affect belly-length models pressed into the stomach and the longer broomstick versions held against the chest. For the long-term good of the game, it should ban anchored putting outright, as most golf insiders believe that it will, even though the move will make many golfers angry.
What is your prediction? Will the USGA just ban anchoring as a style of putting? Or will it also limit the length of putters? Will the USGA create a second set of rules, essentially allowing long putters for amateurs? Or will the USGA surprise the golf world and allow anchoring and long putters?

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bkuehn1952 says:
I am getting tired of all the pundits weighing in with their learned opinions on this subject. Hey! USGA/R&A! Just announce your decision so the rest of us can deal with the facts rather than someone's opinion.
Torleif Sorenson says:
I'm inclined to believe that they'll continue to permit it. The fact is, even though long putters are inherently ugly and non-traditional...

(1) The rules also do not prohibit choking down to the shaft of an iron or wedge when hitting from, say, underneath a spruce or pine tree with your knees on the ground.
(2) The USGA has already allowed long putters to be used for many years, so "stare decisis" already exists.
(3) Long putters have already made putting much more enjoyable for average golfers without fundamentally altering this part of the game.
(4) Long putters do *not* eliminate the need to aim, calculate green speed, or negotiate the contours of the greens, and...
(5) Tour-wise, the number of players using belly-length and long putters is still quite small.

Of course, I also thought that SCOTUS would overturn ObamaCare 5-4, so what could I *possibly* know?
sv677 says:
Ban anchoring against the body. If someone wants to brace against their forearm, a la Matt Kuchar, fine. It should have been done a long time ago. Also, why wait 3 years to implement it? Make it effective in 2014.
More improvements; roll back the ball and limit clubs to 10-12 instead of 14.
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