"I think he's going to have the year of his career"
By mustang6560 on 11/27/12
I was in Las Vegas last week and decided to place a $30 bet on Keegan Bradley to win The Masters next April. At 18/1 odds, I'll win $540 if the one-time major champion wins the first major of the year (fingers crossed). But, if you're a betting man (as I suspect many of you are), then you may want to consider placing a few of your hard-earned dollars on Phil Mickelson to win at Augusta National.

Why Lefty?

Because his short-game coach, Dave Pelz, is predicting a career year for his star pupil. In an interview with Golf.com, Dave said Phil is set to have "the year of his career".
"He's had some problems the last couple years because of psoriatic arthritis," Pelz told Golf.com. "He's taken some medication that has made it more difficult for him to practice as much as he wants to. But he's actually getting that under control, and this year I think he's started hitting it better than he's ever hit it. ... If he can get his putter going, even at his age – he's not old but he's in his 40s – I think he's going to have the year of his career."
You can't say Phil had a disappointing year in 2012 because he earned over $4 million, however, he only won one tournament. And as the second best golfer in the Tiger Woods-era, it's fair to say he didn't achieve as much as he would've liked.

I don't remember Phil's odds at the Mirage when I placed my bet on Keegan, but the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino had him as a 15/1 favorite when it released its opening odds for The Masters back in August. So if you're looking to wager a few dollars, then you may want to heed the advice of Dave and bet on Phil.

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legitimatebeef says:
That's just great. Dave Pelz's mouth writing checks that Phil Mickelson has to cash. It's not the first time.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Good one, Beef! So, who's the first to win another PGA Tour event? Lefty, or Charlie Beljan?
srogers13 says:
I see Mickelson at 12/1, Tiger at 6/1, and Rory at 6/1
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