"We'd certainly talk about that"
By mustang6560 on 11/29/12
Following the proposed anchored putting ban, people on both sides of the issue have wondered the same question, "Why is the USGA waiting until 2016 to enforce the ban?".

The simple answer is because 2016 is the next time the Rules of Golf is scheduled to be updated (it's published every four years). But if the ruling bodies are comfortable banning anchored putting, why create a situation in which people who continue to anchor their putters until December 31, 2015 could be labeled as cheaters or their accomplishments diminished?

Well, Mike Davis, the Executive Director of the USGA, said he's open to enacting the ban sooner.
Davis told Golf Channel that, indeed, the rule could be enacted sooner if there is enough support to make the change.

"This is an example of give us comments, give us feedback (in the 90-day window before the rule is finalized)," he said. "It would be unusual to make that change then, but if the R&A and USGA feel it's in the best interest to deviate from that, we'd certainly talk about that."
To me, the ban should go into effect immediately. I don't want to hear people say Keegan Bradley is a cheater or a coward or anything of the like when he wins The Masters next April using his belly putter.

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DougE says:
Here we go. Now we'll have asterisks on major winners in golf history:


* Won using a putter that was later banned by the USGA & RNA
DougE says:
Oops. Let me make that more correct:

* Won using a putting style that was later banned by the USGA & RNA
legitimatebeef says:
A lot rests on young Keegan I'm afraid. If he does well without the anchored stroke, it will quiet a lot of the clamor over the new rule but if he does poorly, it will continue to stoke the debate on both sides. Pro-anchors will accuse the powers of taking away a man's livelihood; the cons will say "See? Anchoring gave him an advantage."
jcstoll says:
I think David Feherty said it well on the CBS morning show: "it's like two fleas arguing over who owns the dog" and "we're lucky to live in a country where this is considered important".
mantajim says:
I'm 61 and started using a belly putter to releive back pain. Now, thanks to the USGA, I either endure the back pain or the jabbing by my golf buddies for 'cheating' A big Thank You USGA for making the game less enjoyable and more painful.
chipotle mg says:
mantajim, you know you can still stand up straight (so you don't hurt your back) and use your putter with the same broom like stroke without anchoring it and it would still be considered legal? Just don't ancher it. So you can still play the game without major pain.

I think it's good to try to increase the popularity of the game, but not at the cost of it's integrity. People that don't play by the rules really do not play golf. We don't need more people playing incorrectly just so the game is more popular. People that don't care to play by the rules, don't care about golf. Get these people to play correctly and that would teach the integrity and discipline the game often touts.

I do feel for all the players that have been playing with an anchored stroke and now all of a sudden have to change. To have them throw away all that practice just doesn't seem fair. Giving them 3 years to change would almost approach a fair warning. If they change it immediatly that would be pretty heinous.
Matt McGee says:
It's a little off the subject, but:
"I think it's good to try to increase the popularity of the game, but not at the cost of it's integrity. People that don't play by the rules really do not play golf."
Chipotle, I'll bet less than 30% of all golfers (and I think that's a generous number) regularly make it through a round without breaking the rules of golf somehow. The only way anyone becomes interested in following the painful details of the rules is by falling in love with the game first, and some of the people who have the most fun playing the game never learn the finer points about the rules. If golf is going to gain popularity, it has to be fun to play.
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