Goodbye Belly putter. Hello Arm Lock putter.
By mustang6560 on 11/30/12
As I said earlier, the big winner following the ruling bodies' proposed anchored putting ban is Matt Kuchar.

Matt uses a belly putter, but instead of hinging it against his abdomen (which will be illegal under Rule 14-1b), he rests the over-length grip on the inside of his left forearm. The USGA and R&A decided anchoring your putter against forearm isn't the same as anchoring your putter against your abdomen or sternum, so the ruling bodies will permit this style of putting under Rule 14-1b.

And the folks at Odyssey noticed right away. The company announced its plan to release two Arm Lock (not belly) versions of its popular Metal-X putters, which will be designed specifically to rest on the inside of the forearm of the leading hand.
"At Odyssey we were adamant about offering alternative solutions to golfers who might change their current technique based on the recent anchoring proposal," said Austie Rollinson, Principal Designer, Odyssey Golf. "We have more Tour players around the world playing and winning with Odyssey putters than any other company; we worked closely with many of them to dial in the new Arm Lock Putters to ensure they perform at the highest level."
Since the ruling bodies decided not to ban long putters (just anchoring as a putting style), I imagine people who currently wield belly putters will try the Arm Lock style of putting before switching back to a traditional length putter.

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Image via Flickr, Keith Allison

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mmontisano says:
i've tried a left hand low version of this with my regular length putter for a couple of months and it didn't do much, for me anyway. i've always been a terrible putter.
legitimatebeef says:
Looking for putts in all the wrong places.
Jim_Smallwood_Jr. says:
I see a battle brewing here. Once the number of users of this new method increases on tour the ruling bodies will disallow the arm locking method as well. I see this as a parent-child argument.
C-4 says:
OMG..everyone gets a stick to put with...if a guy want to stick it up his a$$ and put it , he should be able to.....they can tell you what to use but not how to use it!!!
lewisgl says:
Will be worth giving this a try to see how it would work.
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