Want Rory McIlroy in your golf tournament? That'll be $2 million.
By mustang6560 on 12/5/12
The Australian Open, which is Australia's "most prestigious golf championship", kicks off tomorrow from the Lakes Golf Course (coverage in the U.S. starts tonight at 8PM ET on The Golf Channel).

The field includes several big names like Adam Scott, Justin Rose, Geoff Ogilvy, and Tom Watson. However, according to Australian Golf Digest, the field is missing its headliner — Rory McIlroy. The publication reports Rory negotiated a $1 million appearance fee to compete Down Under, but following his PGA Championship victory, he doubled his fee. At $2 million, the tournament couldn't afford to keep Rory in the field.
Tournament promoters believed they had an "arrangement" with the Northern Irishman's management for the 23-year-old to play the Australian Open in December.

But once the final putt was holed at Kiawah Island, the asking price for the new world No. 1 had escalated dramatically.

His appearance fee was about $1 million prior to the US PGA, upon winning a second, but major McIlroy's asking price was twice that amount.

And that put him out of reach for Australian Open promoters.
I don't want to rush to judgement, but if this report is true, it's pretty crappy on Rory's part. I have no problem with Rory upping his appearance fee, however, if he reached an agreement, then he should have honored it.

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Duke of Hazards says:
"believed they had an 'arrangement'" is anorexic, at best.
GolfSmith7 says:
If it isn't in writing all you had was a wish when it comes to business transaction.
Duke of Hazards says:
this is a terrific example of 21st century journalism, where reporters would rather be the first one to post some dirt on somebody and grab internet headlines for the next 4 minutes, rather than ask a simple 'What made you think that you had an 'arrangement'? What/when/where/who/how did this conversation go down? Was there a handshake involved? and actually asking a couple of follow up questions to get specifics because in all likelihood, actual old-school journalistic fact gathering would likely wipe out half the crap-ass breaking news stories that are increasingly 'tweeted' to the internet within seconds of somebody hearing some random hearsay from somebody else that was taking a leak next to some other dude in the bathroom. okay, end rant (and run-on sentence).
Matt McGee says:
But Duke, if the reporter had asked questions, there wouldn't have been a story to write.
How do you expect journalists to make a living if they have to report on actual news, with real facts and stuff?
mmontisano says:
you're leaving out that they thought they also had an agreement with Ernie Els. but after his Open win, his appearance fee went up as well.
Matt F says:
My personal thought is that if you have to pay $1mil+ to have someone just show up to your tournament, then you're better off without them...it's ridiculous.
DoubleDingo says:
@Matt F, I wholly agree. Those ass-hats shouldn't get a dime just to play in a tournament. Earn the money by winning it, not by showing up to play in it.
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