Golf's "Lost Tweets"
By mustang6560 on 12/5/12
Twitter is a product of the 21st Century.

But, what if the 140-character-limit social media vice was around in the 19th or 20th Centuries? What would Old Tom Morris or Ben Hogan have shared with the world?

Sadly, we'll never know what Gene Sarazen would have tweeted after his "Shot Heard 'Round the World". However, Alan Bastable attempts to recreate golf's "lost tweets" and I must say, they're pretty good. I've included my favorites below, but you can read the entire lot by clicking the "read more" link.
Old Tom Morris, @OldTom tweeted: "Wife loathes the idea, but I'm not shaving until I break 70 @theoldcourse. Fear the beard!!!"

Walter Hagen: @TheHaig tweeted "What was IN those Manhattans last night??? Vaguely remember doing the Charleston with @TheBabeRuth"

Gene Sarazen: @TheSquire tweeted "Word travels fast! Only like 4 people saw it! RT @AP_Sports Sarazen is tied for the lead at the Masters after double-eagle at the par-5 15th."

Ben Hogan: @WeelceMon tweeted "Twitter, schmitter"

Hootie Johnson: @Hootie tweeted "Good luck, darlin' you're gonna need it! #bayonet RT @MarthaBurk Please RT to support my fight against Augusta Nat'l"
Did Alan miss anything? If so, share your "lost tweets" in the comments below.

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Torleif Sorenson says:
A.W. Tillinghast, @Tillie: "I'm sure that beginners will love the easy, simple layout on Bethpage Black... NOT!"
falcon50driver says:
What is twitter?
Bryan K says:
Twitter is like Facebook for people who can't follow a complete conversation.
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