"All I wanted was to get the most out their golf games"
By mustang6560 on 12/6/12
Remember Matt Mahanic, the former men's golf coach at Huntingdon College, whose F-bomb-laced post-tournament lecture was recorded by one of his players, released to the world for our audio pleasure, and subsequently led to his firing? Well, Lance Ringler of GolfWeek caught up with Matt to find out more about that fateful bus ride home following his team's 11th place finish.
"In the heat of the moment, did I use language I shouldn't have? Sure," Mahanic said in his first public comment to the Oct. 2 audio recording made by an unnamed Huntingdon player on the team van after the Hawks placed 11th in the 12-team Gordin Classic in Columbus, Ohio. "In looking back, that language got in the way of the message I was trying to get across to my players: that performing well below your potential is unacceptable. All I wanted was to get the most out their golf games. Those players put forth a lot of time and energy, and for that not to translate into results was frustrating. We have a very high standard for golf at Huntingdon, and the first half of our fall season didn't meet anyone's expectations."
So he was trying to say the right thing, however, it came out wrong. As the old saying goes, "Good intentions pave the way to hell."

Seriously, though, imagine how many coaches would be fired if someone recorded his post-game speech following a loss? I would venture to guess a whole helluva lot!

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GolfSmith7 says:
Why is cursing even an option? Tony Dungy won without resorting to such efforts, if its not acceptable in a court of law why should it be acceptable in sports? Our society needs better family values, case in point my cousin who is a teacher got cursed out by a 4th grader. She knew the parent was on the way to pick the child up and was sure the parent would say something to her surprise the kid kept cursing her out in front of the parent and even gave her the finger and the parent said nothing at all... sad because adults set the example but it seems via the media this is the society we want... smh.
Torleif Sorenson says:
GolfSmith7 is correct, as usual. If Mahanic would have taken the training that most PGA of America teaching professionals undergo...

(1) He would have been a more effective teacher.
(2) He would have been taught that you don't go on profanity-laced tirades that are unbecoming a golf instructor
(3) GolfSmith7's story about the 4th-grader who needs his mouth washed out with soap is pretty ugly. That kid deserves some serious remedial training.

A coach will *never* "get the most out of their golf games" with an infantile rant like that. If he has any future in golf, he needs to realize that this is his big "come to Jesus" moment. Sheesh.
bkuehn1952 says:
Sorry, Mr. Mahanic, but I have to believe your message was delivered in the same manner as many of your previous messages. Why do you think someone decided to record your rant? They started recording well before you took that detour into a profanity laced diatribe. Someone knew from past experience what was going to happen.
Jattruia says:
There's definitely a time and place for cursing, and none of which fit the 4th graders situation. It's up to parents to raise their kids properly to avoid any such situation. However, college kids may need to grow some balls nowadays. They can't be coddled like they're children. We don't all get trophies for last place. There are winners and losers, and if you're not playing up to your potential, someone (namely your coach) should get your attention and put you in your place. This guy may have dropped one or two too many f-bombs in the tirade, but i'm definitely not against the harsh language in a private setting. Had he done this in the middle of the tourney would have been a whole other issue.
srogers13 says:
Coaches who curse that have teams don't meet their potential, anyone else first think of Rex Ryan?

By the way, in and of itself, the cursing rant may not have cost a coach his job, but this was from a coach coaching at a Methodist (i.e. Christian) college. Their standards on these issues do tend to be a little higher as far as "morals."
Torleif Sorenson says:
SRogers13: Excellent points, both. I had the basketball coach Bobby Knight in the back of my mind, too.
golfingbumunderpar64 says:
Im playing in a tourney this weekend and we are team mates. i have never met or played with the man but i do wonder.............im i gonna be told i didnt play worth a @#$%$#@ $&*@ if we lose?
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