The plot thickens: Who will captain the 2014 Ryder Cup Team?
By mustang6560 on 12/11/12
Prior to the start of the Australian Open, David Toms was the front-runner for the 2014 Ryder Cup captaincy. However, during the Australian Open, Tom Watson made a comment that turned the captaincy conversation upside down — he said he would accept the position if tapped on the shoulder. Now, some believe Tom is the favorite.

The three leading candidates to captain the U.S. Ryder Cup team at Gleneagles include former shoo-in David Toms, Larry Nelson, and Young Tom Watson. Ted Bishop, the President of the PGA of America, plans to announce the captain Thursday morning on NBC's "Today" show (8:30 a.m. ET for those who want to tune in).

I know the 2014 Ryder Cup is 21 months away, however, of the three leading candidates, who would you like to see captain the U.S. to victory in 2014? My vote, for obvious reasons, is Dave Toms (Geaux Tigers!). In case you aren't familiar with their resumes, I've included a brief bio of each candidate.
  • David Toms: David has represented the U.S. in the Ryder Cup three times in his professional career (2002, 2004, and 2006). As a player, he is 4-6-2. His record in the Ryder Cup is not outstanding, however, he is a great professional of the game. David won the Payne Stewart Award last year, which is given to a player who "shows respect for the traditions of the game, commitment to uphold the game's heritage of charitable support and professional and meticulous presentation of himself and the sport through his dress and conduct." During his 23-year career, he's amassed 17 professional victories including the 2001 PGA Championship.

  • Larry Nelson: Larry is a three-time major champion (1983 U.S. Open, 1981 and 1987 PGA Championship). He was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2006. He's never captained a Ryder Cup team before, however, he's competed in three cups as a player (1979, 1981, and 1987). His record is 9-3-1, which is very impressive. In addition to his 10 PGA Tour victories, Larry's won 19 times on the Champions Tour.

  • Tom Watson: Of all three of the leading candidates, the case for Tom is the easiest to make. Young Tom captained the winning 1993 Ryder Cup team at The Belfry. He also participated in four cups as a player (1977, 1981, 1983, and 1989) and his record is 10-4-1. He's won 79 times as a professional including eight major championships. Plus, he's Tom Watson, one of the truest of true gentlemen of the game.

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Keith Allison

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srogers13 says:
We want the Americans to score in their championship game.
mustang6560 says:
Tim Rosaforte is reporting that the PGA did in fact select Tom Watson. But the announcement won't be official until tomorrow.
mjaber says:
Would it be too obvious to say that the choice is elementary?
legitimatebeef says:
A modern day warrior,
Mean, mean stride
Today's Tom Watson,
Mean, mean pride
larrynjr says:
Thumbs up @legitimatebeef!
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