Not a "drotter"
"Walkolf": An alternative to golf.
By mustang6560 on 12/19/12
Dino Kapadia, a retired mechanical engineer, loves the game of golf. However, the 72-year-old was forced to give up the game a few years ago because of a bad back. His longing to stroll the fairways and his engineering background led the Illinois-resident to develop a spin-off of golf called "walkolf". Instead of using clubs, walkolfers use a "drotter" to shoot the golf ball around the course.
A bad back led Dino Kapadia to create an invention that may change golf — or at least contribute to an offshoot of the sport.

The Frankfort man invented the "drutter," a combination driver and putter that uses a slingshot mechanism at the top to send the ball flying down the fairway.

At the base is a putter head. And the whole gizmo telescopes down to make the club easy to handle when putting.

Sound wild? It is. But it works.

During a recent demonstration at a driving range in Frankfort Square, Kapadia's drutter sent golf balls flying straight and true.
I injured my back last summer and couldn't play golf for six weeks — it was the longest six weeks of my life! If I was forced to give up the game permanently due to an injury like Dino, I'd certainly be interested "walkolf".

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bkuehn1952 says:
I understand the USWA (United States Walkolf Association) is considering a ban on long drutters because they run counter to tradition.
Backquak says:
They aren't banning long drutters, just the technique of anchoring the drutter against the body.
joe jones says:
I repeat. I don't anchor anything.
bkuehn1952 says:
@backquack: touché! ;)
windowsurfer says:
Announcing DrutterBallz, the longest flying ball ever drutted. Guaranteed to add 18 yards to your drutt.
Kurt the Knife says:
if you had your drutters, would u use a druther?
KeithH says:
Are they forged or perimeter weighted? Maybe they have one with a speed slot, that would change everything.
bkuehn1952 says:
I understand the USWA (United States Walkolf Association) is considering a ban on drutters with speed slots because they run counter to tradition.
DoubleDingo says:
Wow, no more slice, no more hook, no more golf balls lost from an errant drive, what a concept!!
dinokoob77 says:
Our patent-pending Drutter club has a telescopic shaft with a slingshot on top to propel the golf ball forward, and a putter head at the bottom to putt when you reach the greens.

It will bring millions of novices to municipal and public golf courses (not PGA-sanctioned-courses!) because:
- it is fun for all: slingshotting a golf ball straight for over a 100 yards from day one - without hooks and slices - is pure fun!

- It is affordable: it eliminates the cost of all traditional clubs such as woods, drivers, irons and wedges in the bag. It’s unique design permits a family to pass around just the one Drutter from player to player, saving costs of sets of men’s, ladies’ and junior clubs!

- For those with bad backs: there is no bending to tee the ball or to retrieve it from the hole – or to repair divots, and there is no swinging of a club.
You can view the Drutter inaction at
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