Want Tiger Woods in your golf tournament? That'll be $3 million!
By mustang6560 on 1/10/13
Yesterday, Tiger Woods officially committed to the first two events of his 2013 season.

He will open his season next week in the Middle East at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship. Then, he'll fly halfway around the world to compete in the Farmers Insurance Open instead of staying in the region to play in the Commercial Bank Qatar Masters.

According to ArabianBusiness.com, the tournament was trying to court Tiger, but ultimately couldn't afford the appearance fee required by the former world number one.
Qatar has scrapped plans to bring former world number one golfer Tiger Woods to the Gulf state after it deemed his US$3m appearance fee too expensive, the president of the Qatar Golf Association told reporters on Wednesday.

US star Woods was invited to compete in the Commercial Bank Qatar Masters, which takes place at the Doha Golf Club from January 23 to 26, but organisers deemed his appearance fee to be too high.

"Tiger Woods demands US$3m just for an appearance, if he were to compete in the Commercial Bank Qatar Masters — which is not worth paying for a tournament of US$2.5m prize money," Hassan Al Nuaimi, president of the Qatar Golf Association, said at a press conference, Doha News reported.
And I thought Rory McIlroy's $2 million appearance fee was absurd! Turns out, Rory is a bargain compared to Tiger.

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GolfSmith7 says:
For what Tiger has done for the sport by raising the "purses" for everyone he can ask for whatever he wants in appearance fees. After all he has 14 majors, 70+ wins etc.
golfingbumunderpar64 says:
Selfish, selfish, selfish. Tiger has helped golf get to where its at now but still. Even after the divoice the man has more money than most people can only dream of and he wants an appearance fee? Everyone of the oobers here would pay money to play the courses just once these pros get to play and would have the time of our lives doing it. And he wants money and a chance to win more while the rest pay an entry fee? Tiger is not bigger than golf. I understand he plays, more spectators pay to see him play, the more money they bring in. But people like this pisses me off when the economy sucks and people are barely getting by and need jobs. And he wants 3 million? Screw him. Now however if he comes out and says that the appearance fee would be donated to a charity then everything I said previously I would rebuked.
Torleif Sorenson says:
I'm with GolfingBumUnderPar64 on this one. Even if Tiger *did* contribute all of the money to charitable organizations, why such an astronomical fee? If this *were* the case, then some deserving non-profit organization(s) is/are still out whatever contribution Woods could have made to them.

I understand that so many people want a piece of Tiger, but for cryin' out loud, $3 *million*?

When Brett Hull signed with the Detroit Red Wings in 2001, he and a couple of other players deferred money to attract certain other players to that team. The result? They won the Stanley Cup.

Does Hull regret deferring that money? I seriously doubt it.
Torleif Sorenson says:
And as far as a charitable contribution goes, Tiger could do a heck of a lot without peeling off $3 million by spending some time in Memphis and saving a certain public course:

mmontisano says:
short memories. just a few months ago we were commending him for donating all of his earnings that he wins when he plays tournaments where his charity get all of the profits? and it was deemed to be somewhere around $14 million.

yes, everyone wants a piece of Tiger and the $3 million is a passive way of telling them no. you always hear about people over taxing themselves after they win a major and this deters people from even asking.

if he can command that kind of money, all the power to him because i would too if i could.
3put says:
Do you not think the organizers wouldn't capitalize off of him being in their tournament? The total purse for that tournament is only 2.5m and lest we forget the sizable appearance fee that Ernie received to play in 2005. Sure Tiger isn't bigger than golf but he has made golf much bigger than it was!
mustang6560 says:
@badcaddy- He can afford to be generous if he's charging $3m to play in non-PGA Tour events.
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