Why stop just because it's a weekend?
Golf Channel expands "Morning Drive" to weekends
By Torleif Sorenson on 1/25/13
Perhaps even Mr. Spock could have seen this coming.

On Thursday, Golf Channel announced that they are expanding their "Morning Drive" program to weekends beginning Monday, February 4 - a logical move.

TGC says that program hosts Gary Williams, Damon Hack, and Holly Sonders will be augmented by Kelly Tilghman, Charlie Rymer, Lauren Thompson, and former Golf Digest travel editor Matt Ginella on various days. Also joining the program will be former NFL star Ahmad Rashad and former PGA Tour star John Cook, while the new occasional contributors will include Annika Sorenstam, Brandel Chamblee, Jimmy Roberts, and Tim Rosaforte.

A new on-air set is part of the package and will include separate demonstration and guest interview areas.

Golf enthusiasts are expected to approve.

Golf widows are expected to throw their arms up in disgust and scream like the guy does at the end of the Was (Not Was) song Dad I'm in Jail.

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Image via Golf Channel

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mjaber says:
Interesting... Didn't they used to show the European Tour in the AM? Is that being cut?
Wes11point5 says:
More Hally Saunders!
Wes11point5 says:
oops Holly Saunders.
Torleif Sorenson says:
...or even Holly Sonders.

Wes11point5 says:
Sorry got so flustered I lost the ability to type or spell.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Yep... I'll bet your wife was pleased about that, too. :-P
legitimatebeef says:
For me it means less time tuned into that channel. Silence is more compelling than "Morning Drive". I'd rather listen to Nathan drone on about golf than that particular group of talking heads.
Trip says:
I can only take so much "golf talk". I'd rather watch golf. Show some college golf or more LPGA.
mustang6560 says:
@beef: Thanks, I guess?
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