Another bad kind of blackout date
By Torleif Sorenson on 1/29/13
CBS Sports and the Golf Channel split coverage of Monday's final round of the Farmers Insurance Open, the PGA Tour's annual San Diego stop. Unfortunately, if you live in Phoenix, Atlanta, and Orlando - three other cities with PGA Tour events of their own! - you got screwed out of seeing it.

As media blogger Ed Sherman reports, the CBS affiliates in those three cities, along with Albany, Providence, and Kalamazoo, decided to spurn their own network's Monday afternoon coverage of Tiger Woods's victory, deeming that the more important and worthwhile programming would be... Judge Judy.

And just as CBS officials are ducking Mr. Sherman's questions under cover of being busy with the Super Bowl in New Orleans, Skip Valet, the general manager of CBS affiliate WKMG in Orlando decided to hide under his desk when this writer made a polite inquiry.

Imagine how many general managers of ABC-affiliated stations would love to have had that coverage yesterday! ABC, as you might know, is no longer part of the PGA Tour's network coverage, televising only the Open Championship.

The decision by CBS affiliate KPHO-TV in Phoenix is especially stupefying, given that the PGA Tour rolls into town this week! Minus 50,000 points to the general managers of those stations for...
  1. Appealing to the lowest common denominator of their viewership

  2. Thumbing their nose at their parent network

  3. Insulting sports fans and potential golf fans along the way.

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bducharm says:
T, you were kind for saying minus 50,000 points. More like minus 1,000,000 points! Amazing! Let's show people yelling at each other for worthless crap they left in the other persons apartment or let's show golf!!! Judge Judy rules!!!
Duke of Hazards says:
"I'm the boss applesauce." -- Judge Judy
joe jones says:
I went to and watched the end on my computer. I am completely at a loss to understand what idiot reached that decision. For those of you old enough to remember th Heidi football game it must of been the same jerk. He must be 90 and senile.
Bernie Duffer says:
There was no coverage Monday afternoon in Tallahassee, Florida. The local CBS affiliate is WCTV.
DougE says:
One minute I'm watching Tiger pulling off an unbelievable save from 50 yards off the fairway behind a tree, the next I'm looking at Dr. Oz! The local CBS affiliate here in CT got it wrong. Thankfully, the New York affiliate is also an option with my cable service and they carried it. Unfortunately, it didn't come in in HD. Oh well, at least I was able to see it in old technology.
Torleif Sorenson says:
DougE and Bernie: A pointed letter to your respective CBS affiliate general managers sounds like it's in order. After all, "the squeaky wheel gets the grease."

As for Skip Valet at WKMG in Orlando, minus an additional 50,000 points for hiding under your desk, sir. Act like a real man and return my phone call.
bashworth says:
Add Cincinnati, Ohio to this list!
SD Charlie says:
I live in San Diego, and I was at work while the final round went down. So... yeah.
Coach Chuck says:
Saginaw Michigan wnem tv 5 you suck so does young and restless. Tiger was playing!!!
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