Sandy Lyle wants Rory to avoid being like David Duval
By mustang6560 on 2/6/13
In a recent interview, Sandy Lye expressed concern regarding Rory McIlroy's equipment change.

By signing with Nike, the two-time major champion said Rors lost the momentum he built during the end of last year because it takes time to get adjusted to the new equipment. And in some cases — using David Duval as an example — the equipment change can be career defining, and not in a good way.
"That move [changing equipment] hurt the momentum of David's career," said the 1985 British Open champion and 1988 U.S. Masters winner. "He wasn't driving the ball well which put the pressure on his putting and that in turn put pressure on him making cuts.

"David then started on a horrible spiral of missing cuts. It could be that all stemmed from his problems with his new driver and it could be the same thing for Rory now.

"Rory's momentum was very good last year but it can be very dangerous to change clubs," added Lyle, referring to the world number one's five worldwide wins in 2012 and his money-list victories on both sides of the Atlantic.

"David never got out of his spiral. He definitely took a huge kamikaze dive and never really got it back."
I get what Sandy is selling, however, changing equipment wasn't the only reason David fell off of the wagon following his 2001 Open Championship victory. He had to deal with injuries to his back, wrist and shoulder, not to mention issues off of the course.

Rory may have a "down" year in 2013 (key word is may), but his career isn't in jeopardy because of an equipment change.

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joe jones says:
I have a hard time believing that a player would switch to new equipment without testing all of the clubs before hand. Hogan could pickup a club and tell the club maker what it weighed, what the degree of loft it had and what kind of shaft it had before he even hit it.With the technology available to the pro any correction should be made before the player hits a serious shot on the course. The one exception may be the putter. It is such an individual thing that it may take a few models before a player settles on "The One". As to Duval. He has said that he was not very driven to stay at number one once he attained it. He said he was making so much money that he lost interest in a way.. That may have played a larger part in his downfall.
mmontisano says:
David Duval was using Nike clubs when he won The Open!!!! Mr. Lyle is talking out of his *** because he's bitter about his own personal slide from glory.
GBogey says:
So much focus on Rory and equipment, but Phil changed drivers in a day and had a great weekend. Also, Watney has been playing well and he just switched to Nike, so I think it's the indian shooting the arrows, not the arrows themselves.
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