USGA to "retire" public links championships
By mustang6560 on 2/11/13
The USGA formerly announced its plan to create a new amateur championship starting in 2015.
The United States Golf Association (USGA) today announced the introduction of two new championships, the first national championships to be added to the USGA's competition roster in more than 25 years. The addition of the U.S. Amateur Four-Ball Championship and the U.S. Women's Amateur Four-Ball Championship, which will be played annually between mid-March and late May with the inaugural events scheduled for 2015, reflects the Association's continued commitment to supporting and growing amateur competition well into the future.
As is the circle of life, in addition to adding the four-ball championships, the USGA plans to "retire" the U.S. Men's and Women's Amateur Public Championship next year.
In conjunction with the creation of two national four-ball championships, the USGA also announced the retirement of the U.S. Amateur Public Links (APL) and U.S. Women's Amateur Public Links (WAPL) championships, following the completion of the 2014 competitions. The decision follows an internal review which determined that the APL and WAPL championships no longer serve their original mission because of the widespread accessibility public-course golfers today enjoy in USGA championships.
I like the idea of adding a team competition to the championship calendar, however, it sucks the Public Links has to be cut as a result. I wonder how Bradt Snedeker feels about the decision? As a past champion, I bet he's not too happy about it.

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bkuehn1952 says:
The Publinx and US Amateur tournaments are somewhat redundant. Both require low handicaps and are dominated by college players. Still, with the USGA awash in money, reducing the number of tournaments they hold seems a step back.
SpaceMaNy0 says:
I wonder how they get teams for a tournament like that? Me and 3 of my buddies might put together a decent fourball team.
Werepuppie says:
Wasn't that tournament awarded a spot in the Master's?
bkuehn1952 says:
Yes, APL winner went to The Masters.
dtak84 says:
@spacemany0 4 ball is not 4 man scramble. It's 2 person teams playing their own ball every hole recording the best stroke. If you're still interested, I believe each team member will need an official handicap of 6 or below, and you have to get through local qualifying.
Werepuppie says:
I do not agree with this call.Golf is NOT a team sport.
Kurt the Knife says:
my golf scores rely on one person
larrynjr says:
The men's league I play in, plays as a 4 ball. 2 players from each "team" play 9 holes against 2 players from opposite team. We play both stroke and match at the same time. Technically it's team but realistically, it's still you against the course. I think playing a 2 man best ball team format would be much more interesting to watch the pros play over stroke play.
Torleif Sorenson says:
I'm with KtK on this one; the USGA made a blunder in this case.
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