Morning Drive, reviewed
By mustang6560 on 2/12/13
As we noted last month, The Golf Channel re-launched Morning Drive last week with a new set, new cast members, and a new schedule. Following the first full week, Martin Kaufman of GolfWeek shared his opinions on the new look of Morning Drive.
While there is a big cast, there's no compelling voice who will make viewers put down the morning paper to listen. (As an aside, does every guy on "Morning Drive" have a sweater endorsement deal? It was 80 degrees last week in Orlando, but the guys were bundled up as if they were broadcasting from Oak Hill in the dead of winter.) The de facto star is the voluble Gary Williams, who seems to be likable, diligent and well-prepared. He even seems to have a good sense of humor, though it rarely manifests itself on air. He noted at one point, "Levity in moderation is a good thing." It would be nice if he gave us some in more than just drips and drabs. In baseball, Williams would be referred to as "the kind of player every team needs." He'd be the guy who gets the bunt down, advances runners, never makes a mental error. But he's not a Cy Young candidate or a middle-of-the-order bat. The same is true of Damon Hack and Charlie Rymer.

Some of the new crew additions are just odd choices. John Cook always has seemed like a nice fellow, but placid almost to the point of being phlegmatic. You might need to switch from decaf to espresso if you spend too much time watching him. Ahmad Rashad serves as the foil, with other crew members needling him about his rounds with celebrity friends at famous courses. (A graphic established Rashad's bona fides: 3.2 index and 158 rounds in 2012.) I'm not sure he brings much to the show, but don't be surprised if he lands the occasional interview with pals such as Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan. (Rashad did make me laugh when someone used a 50-cent word. "I thought this was Golf Channel," he quipped.)
What are your thoughts on the new look and feel of Morning Drive?

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joe jones says:
Quite a few yawns and not a lot of wows. I'm ok with the cast but have a bit of an issue with stacking the show with eye candy. Nothing wrong with the knowledge and ability of the ladies, they are highly qualified to commentate but one or two would be enough. Ahmad Rashad may have game and athletic chops but he comes across as somewhat out of his league. Sometimes I miss veteran players who are less politically correct. I love Arnold Palmer but I don't think it is necessary to kneel and bow to the leader as many times as they do every day.
guzzlingil says:
Ahmad is horrible......
Anti-Mulligan says:
Way too many 1/4 zip sweaters with button down shirts. Does everyone have to wear a Peter Millar sweater and they all look the same. I bet Gary Williams sleeps in 1/4 zip sweater button down combo.
Art Ciolkowski says:
Are they trying to minic the Today Show? Liked the old format and set much better.
frankteo714 says:
They nailed it the first time. Basically like a morning radio show. I even listened to it on my iPhone from time to time. They just took a few steps backward with this version.
guzzlingil says:
Holly Saunders is HOT Though!!!
legitimatebeef says:
The legs are the only good thing about this show. Honestly I would rather listen to Nathan yammer on about the pro game. It would be just as insightful. Gary Williams--huge bore, major phony, Rymer--enormous phony, also a bore, Damon Hack--does he even know anything about golf? Ahmad Rashad--world class phony. Add it all up and you have a crew that really sucks...the life out of a telecast. Exactly what do they bring to the table? This show is nothing but a time filler. It adds zero to the culture of the game. In fact with all its shallow dumbed down patter, dreck like this probably hurts the game in the long term.
joe jones says:
SpaceMaNy0 says:
I like that mostly all they talk about is golf, but it's still an annoying talking heads show. Rashad IS horrible, and the other people chiding him is unfunny and childish to me. It's nice that the ladies know what they're talking about, often moreso than the guys. I'll still flip to it if nothing else is on, which is often these days.

and joe, I totally agree on incorrect spelling.
The Toad says:
In the words of Joe Theisamann.... 'Rashad is giving me fits'. We know you play with Tiger and Jordan. Beat it,
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