Scuttlebutt: Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods rumors intensify
By mustang6560 on 2/12/13
If Tiger's rumored attempt to woo back Elin Nordegren in the form of a $200 million prenup doesn't work out, it's OK because it's also rumored that the 14-time major champion has a woman waiting in the wing — Olympic-gold-medal-skier Lindsey Vonn.

The Tiger-Woods-is-dating-Lindsey-Vonn rumors started swirling late last year and they've intensified in recent weeks.

Last month, Tiger reportedly made a pit stop in Salzburg, Austria on his way to play in the Abu Dhabi Championship the same week Lindsey was there. Then, several gossip publications reported last week that Tiger sent his private plane to pick up Vonn and bring her back to the States following her crash in the Alpine World Championships in Schladming, Austria.

And now a source close to Lindsey told People Magainze that she and Tiger are getting "closer and closer".
"Tiger and Lindsey have been friends for a while, and nothing started out romantically at all," a source tells PEOPLE. "But they really have a lot in common and got closer and closer. He still refers to her as 'my very good friend,' but he's been spending more and more time talking to her – and talking about her."

Last month, Vonn's reps kept mum about the rumored relationship, telling PEOPLE that her "focus is solely on competing and on defending her titles and thus she will not participate in any speculation surrounding her personal life at this time."

But the source close to Woods tells PEOPLE that Woods, 37, and Vonn. 28, talk and text frequently.

"Tiger really does want a woman who he can have good conversations with," he says. "He wants shared interests and outlooks. He is finding that with [Lindsey]."
I wonder if Tiger is trying to follow fellow Nike stablemate Rory McIlroy's lead by dating a successful female professional athlete. It's worked for the current world number one so far. He ascended to the top of the Official World Golf Ranking and he's won two majors since he started dating tennis star Caroline Wozniacki.

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Image via Flickr, myophoto

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Kurt the Knife says:

umm.. what?
DougE says:
So what? Last I heard, it is socially acceptable for two single adults to date each other, even if they are successful athletes who are both divorced. Why is this such a big deal?
Matt F says:
It's not a big deal...but it keeps Tigers name in the "news" I guess.
joe jones says:
I don't think Tiger worries about being in the news.
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