Should Vijay Singh voluntarily sit?
By mustang6560 on 2/13/13
Since Vijay Singh met with Tim Finchem last week to discuss his admitted use of deer antler spray, the PGA Tour has remained silent on the impending fallout.

The silence, according to Doug Ferguson, is deafening.

Since the PGA Tour hasn't issued a judgement on the infraction, Vijay is still eligible to play, which only serves to further complicate an already complicated issue.
This is not a call for the Tour to rush to judgment. Singh's case is muddled. Yes, a player who admits to using a banned substance is the same as a player testing positive. But is there evidence that IGF-1 was in the spray that Singh was using? More than one doctor has said it's impossible for IGF-1 to enter the blood system through a spray. And the Tour does not have a blood test, anyway.

Plus, players have the right to appeal, and the policy says a hearing must take place within 45 days.

Singh brought this mess on himself, and now is the time for him to give back to the game that has provided him with so much. Singh could eliminate this distraction by taking a leave of absence until the Tour sorts this out. The sooner the better.
If Vijay voluntarily sits, the PGA Tour can sit on the issue. By playing, Vijay's forcing the PGA Tour to make a decision (@#$% or get off of the pot). Personally, I don't think Tim wants to punish Vijay, especially since he admitted using a banned substance without actually getting caught using it.

Vijay played in the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am (T50) last week and he's in the field again this week in the Northern Trust Open. And I'm pretty sure he'll continue to play until the Tim Finchem tells him he can't (if that even happens).

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bkuehn1952 says:
I don't see Vijay doing anything voluntarily so the Tour is going to need to act. From my perspective, as a person who doesn't particularly liek Vijay, the Tour needs to suspend him for 12 months. State that the player ingested a substance on the banned list. Further, because he voluntarily admitted to its use and has agreed to not challenge his suspension, the suspension is reduced to 3 months.

If Vijay pushes back or starts arguing whether the substance in fact had any IGF-1, etc... then I would give him a 2-year suspension and make a point to drag the process out as long as possible. Maybe he would win in the end but he could kiss any outside income goodbye as the spotlight is aimed at his conduct.
jasonfish11 says:
This is another reason why I dont really like Vijay.

He should have made a statement admitting to using the spray (like he did). And he should have added to the statment by self imposing a 6 month ban after the AT&T is over. I would understand him playing the AT&T due to the short notice he would be giving the AT&T to find a decent replacement.

Then if the tour wants to suspend him for 1 year just add that to the end of his 6 months.

I would have had a lot more respect for him if he did this. But I'm not surprised by him entering every tournament he can and forcing the PGA to take action.
golfingbumunderpar64 says:
Who cares? Really? Look back at Bonds, McGuire, Sosa. When they where booming out home runs left and right. Baseball was fun to watch. Every athlete is looking for an advantage and if people want to find it, they will. I don't like Vijay but hell if I wasn't to lazy to search for antler spray I'd use it too. So I could care less what Vijay does.
DougE says:
Just curious, what is it about Vijay that everyone dislikes? It seems like a lot of people don't like him from far before this incident. Not just here in these comments, but I get that impression from many people who watch golf. Why? Have I missed something? Was it his battling Tiger years ago? Seriously, help me out here. He's far from a favorite of mine, but I have always liked his over-the-top work ethic. I can appreciate that intensity. Being old enough to play in over-50 (senior) tournaments myself, I like that he is in that category too now (or just about), yet he is still competitive against the younger guys on Tour. Someone enlighten me, please.
legitimatebeef says:
Doug, I don't know. I always liked the guy. In golf I really appreciate a rags to riches story, because it is so rare. The typical backstory of your typical PGA pro is boring. It's such a homogenous world. Not so much these days, but in the past it was probably extra hard to make it in this game if you had dark skin so I have extra appreciation for people like Vijay, Tiger Woods and, well that's about it isn't it.
Banker85 says:
I dont get the Vijay hate either. It's not like his use of the deer antler spray has helped him perfom better. He admitted to it. Now its in the PGA Tour's hands to decide. Why self impose punishment when they will probably punish him anyways? He should just continue business as usual until the tour makes a decision. His job is to play golf not discipline himself for using a banned substance that i think he really didnt know, which is still his fault, but to the writer who suggested it have they punished themselves for doing something they shouldnt have bkuehn have you? I doubt it so get of fyour high horse holyier than tho BS.
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