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Raymond Floyd: Hall of Fame is a "joke"
By mustang6560 on 2/15/13
In a recent interview with Golf Magazine, Raymond Floyd says what most of us have been thinking — the World Golf Hall of Fame is a "joke".

Who are the true superstars of today?

After Tiger and Phil and now McIlroy, are there any true superstars? The bar has been lowered. Guys get voted into the Hall of Fame who don't belong, who lack the numbers. I'm very upset at the Hall of Fame for that. It's not fair to the people who went in early.

Who has been elected to the Hall who doesn't deserve it?

Just look at the inductees over the last six, eight, 10 years. Some years, I don't even vote because the names are not worthy of induction. One major should not get you into the Hall of Fame -- maybe one major and 40 wins. I'm not gonna pick a guy with one major and 11 wins.

Fred Couples has one major and 15 Tour wins, and Colin Montgomerie never won a major, and they'll be enshrined this year. It sounds like they didn't get your vote.

I'll just say that you should have at least two majors. At least! Wow, there are guys in there that it's a joke. It takes integrity away from the term "Hall of Fame." I'm very upset at the Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame should add a win minimum (both tournament total and major total) to its criteria (it's a no-brainer). The Fred Couples' and Colin Montgomerie's of the golf world are talented golfers but they're not on the same level of the Jack Nicklaus' or Raymond Floyd's of the world so they shouldn't be honored in the same way.

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Image via Flickr, PGA Tour

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GBogey says:
Couldn't agree more. HOF's, not just golf, have become about getting big PR for annual induction ceremonies, but you can't have big PR without inductees so the bar gets lowered. I think there should be some sort of point system - each win is worth 1 point, each major 10 points, maybe something for Ryder cup or Tour championship - 30 points needed to get into HOF.
mjaber says:
Two simple questions should determine if someone is hall of fame worthy, and this can be applied to any sport.

1. Is he (or she) the greatest player of his (or her) generation (at his/her position, if applicable).

2. Is he (or she) better than the top 5 players currently in the Hall of Fame?

If you can answer yes to either of those questions, then the person should get your vote.
bkuehn1952 says:
The WGHOF does have a somewhat loose criteria:


It appears the PGA Tour is trying to slowly nudge the "Players" into the major category with the "2 Majors or Players Championship" criteria.
legitimatebeef says:
Wish more prominent people had the nerve to say what most people are thinking. I think what Ray Floyd is talking about is a general phenomenon, the lowering of bars. It's a different world, it's a Rickie Fowler world, a Q-ratings driven world. There should be a separate Hall of Legends, with strict criteria.
Brutus says:
beef has it correct, bars have been lowered over the past decade. Why? So no one feels left out. Give everyone a prize for participation. Why work hard, bust your butt everyday to get better when you can still be recognized for mediocrity. I coach and have for 20 years. There was a time when earning a varsity letter and jacket meant something special. Now everyone that participates gets a letter. We worry about protecting feelings instead of helping young men and women learn work ethic, perseverance, accountability, etc. Don't get me started - too late. If we stay on this trend and everyone will be a HOF athlete.

I can see it now. Fred Smith made 10 cuts in 10 seasons = HOF inductee.
joe jones says:
He's probably right but the remarks were cruel and hurting to the nominees, Blame the hall not the players. I don't think he has made many friends with his innuendos. Freddy is so respected by his competitors that I don't think it will be taken seriously. Raymond seems to think this diminishes his record and career which is the furthest thing from the truth.
CeeBee says:
Golf in general was just plodding along with almost no coverage untill John Daly shocked the world at Crooked Stick in '91. I didn't play or even cared at that time. I didn't even know what a major was.

Along comes Tiger in '97. Wins the Masters. Big sponser contract. Crushing the ball. Impossible shotmaking and incredible workout schedule. Purses rise dramatically. Average attendance at events rise. TV coverage spikes. Golf courses built overnite and people, like myself, start to play. Over the next 11 or so years he wins 14 majors and changes everything. He has won 25% of all PGA events he has played in. Now closing in on the all time win record. Who compares with that playing today?

So the criteria seems to be; "had Tiger not been on the scene who would likely have enough wins" to get in?

When I think about it that would be close to 100 wins for SOMEONE else.
windowsurfer says:
What does the much venerated RF care? No one is taking away HIS majors, his wins. It's all part of the overwhelming glorification of athletes and entertainers. Ray is an angry idol; chastising us mortals for letting his grand legend diminish. Maybe Freddie does not want to be the same hall as this truculent, puffed-up whiner.
jem_porter says:
Major Championships are of course the pinnacle of the gold calendar, and any player who has won one or more of them has earned the right to be considered a great player. However I don't think it is the only way to be considered a great player.

Is the player, sat in the clubhouse tied for the lead in a major who sees his lead overhauled by a birdie on the last hole, a less great player than the one who sees his competitor bogey the last ? Of course not.

RF may be right if the objective of the HOF is to induct one truly player every few years.

This is clearly not the objective of the HOF, and there are many players who have proved themselves great in other ways.

Multiple winners of major chanmpionships have their recognition etched on trophies and stamped into the record books. If I was lucky enough to be in that hallowed group, I would think that should be enough.

I say "Let the HOF recognise other forms greatness in this sport that we all love". Who is it hurting ?
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