Homeowners association meeting turns into "WWE wrestling brawl"
By mustang6560 on 2/21/13
The Homeowners Association meetings at The Spring County Club are normally uneventful.

However, the last meeting more closely resembled a "WWE wrestling brawl" than a friendly gathering of neighbors, according to Tamara Stone of The Desert Sun.
The brouhaha erupted after the results of the board member election were announced, Bordeau said.

"Some people were upset that a certain person won and began yelling at him and pushing him," Bordeau said.

The yelling and pushing quickly escalated to chair throwing, fist fighting and tackling.
The report also says the intensity of the brawl was such that the security guard on hand felt compelled to draw his weapon during the fight, although he left it at his side. Why does the security guard of a private community need a gun in the first place?

The residents of the quiet, upscale Rancho Mirage, California-community want to put the episode behind them.
While more than a dozen residents confirmed the incident, all were tight-lipped about commenting on exactly what happened.

"The less we talk about it, the more it is forgotten," said resident Denver Ginsey.
I bet the person(s) who started the brawl had a little liquid courage circulating through his (or her) veins. We all know what happens when you mix adults, alcohol, and golf courses.

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Image via Spring Country Club

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bducharm says:
HOA meetings can very intense - lest you forget the Seinfeld episode where Morty Seinfeld was ousted!!!
mjaber says:
The first rule of Fight Club: You don't talk about fight club.
falcon50driver says:
" Why does the security guard of a private community need a gun in the first place?"..............In case a fight breaks out......or maybe he should just swat them with a rolled up newspaper.
Kurt the Knife says:
don't tase me, bro'!
Banker85 says:
slow day huh Nathan. Nothing to do with golf, not even interesting unless you live nearby.
Torleif Sorenson says:
C'mon, you guys! Where's the first Happy Gilmore reference?
Coach Chuck says:
Why did I read this waste of time!!
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