Should the PGA Tour move the WGC-Accenture Match Play?
By mustang6560 on 2/21/13
The first round of the WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship was suspended yesterday due to snow, which immediately sparked a debate, "Should the PGA Tour move the WGC-Accenture Match Play?"

The Tour has a contract with Dove Mountain through next year, according to Rex Hoggard. But, once the agreement is up, he says it's time to move the first World Golf Championships event of the season to "greener" pastures.
Let this be where the conversation becomes serious: that it is time to leave Dove Mountain behind for greener, not to mention warmer, climes. For those who claim this view to be reactionary, we humbly submit the following exchange.

Reporter: "Have you seen anything like this?"

Tour weatherman: "Yeah, two years ago at Dove Mountain."
Tell me how you really feel, Rex.

At least Roger Maltbie and Steve Sands took advantage of the white out. The pair of grown men did what any pair of grown men would do if stuck in the snow — start a snow ball fight!

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bkuehn1952 says:
Definitely do not move the event. When I am sitting up to my elbows in snow and the temperatures are hovering around 20 degrees (F), it is nice to see some golf millionaires experiencing the same conditions. As soon as the snow clears let them put on some thermals, rainsuits, sock hats, sweaters, wool socks, etc ... See how many 300 yard drives they hit with their frozen Titleists when they are all bundled up for the cold. I love it!
joe jones says:
Being from Arizona you might think I would oppose moving the venue. Actually, weather is just one reason why it should be moved. Many of the players do not like the course. In fact many players are not very enamored with any Nicklaus design accept Muirfield Village. Nicklaus has always designed for a strong fade player and many of todays pro's prefer to draw the ball.Playing desert courses like I do any ball you hit into the desert will roll until it hits a cactus or a bush that is totally unplayable. Even the best players in the world can't escape. At least on a park land course you have a better chance of at least being able to swing at it to get back in play. In a match play situation one misplaced drive at the wrong time can mean elimination.
bducharm says:
@joe jones - "In a match play situation one misplaced drive at the wrong time can mean elimination." - which makes this course a GREAT match play course. They should not move it.
Torleif Sorenson says:
1000 points for both Brian and for Joe, who made an excellent point about how Nicklaus has designed many of his courses.

Another major problem with most Nicklaus courses is that they need gargantuan amounts of water and chemical inputs in order to maintain their green condition. But I suspect that this is just one of several reasons why most of Nicklaus' course designs have been for private country clubs and extremely expensive resorts, where most of us golfers will never be welcome.

And what about the snow in Tucson? I blame global warming. :-P
legitimatebeef says:
Don't overreact, no place is completely immune to weather related imbroglios. Agree with Brian, for a lot of ppl cold weather is part of life. We get lulled into thinking that nice conditions and warm weather are somehow intrinsic to the game but they are not. Butting heads with nature is what it has always been about. As long as conditions are not threatening to life, put them out there, let them suffer a bit. Every other outdoor sport confronts the elements at some point. Besides tennis players golfers are probably the biggest pussies about it.
mjaber says:
I'd like to see a rotation, including Dove Mountain, for the tournament. Maybe a 4 or 5 course rota, so that match play can be demonstrated on a number of different courses. I'd even like to see it move internationally. Let's play it at St. Andrew's once every 10 years.

I'd like to see alot of tournaments start rotating courses, instead of the same course year after year. There has to be more than 1 course in the general area for most tournaments to be able to rotate at least 2 or 3.
Dusty23 says:
I've read that one of the reasons they don't like it out there is that the course is in a rather remote area, making it tough for fans, players and support staff to get in and out of the place. As far as the weather, Golf cancelled by snow, welcome to my world, we're scheduled for our 3rd storm in as many weeks this weekend.
joe jones says:
Dove Mountain is a bit out of the way from town but Tuscon is a wonderful city with great dining and a pretty good night scene. I think the major complaint is weather related but that may not be solved by moving the venue. Other than Florida where else can they go in late February. Southern California might be an option but they just has the events at Riviera, Torrey Pines and Palm Springs . Phoenix is no better than Tuscon weather wise except for the snow but frost delays are not uncommon at this time of the year. I love the idea of Harding Park but Frisco is not a sure thing either.
mustang6560 says:
Sonny Guy here in Jackson. The real excitement would be the winner is the person who survives the round (literally!).
legitimatebeef says:
I think the course looks great on TV. I like the desolation and the remoteness of the place, and that there aren't spectators everywhere you look.
Kurt the Knife says:
Leave it there. Rain at Pinehurst, wind at Kapalua, Snow at Dove, war and pestilence at Torrey Pines. Its all part of the enterprise. Deal with it.
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