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Road Toads
By Torleif Sorenson on 2/21/13
Business travelers appreciate jet travel and successful golfers very much appreciate private jet travel, no matter how many politicians bad-mouth this important segment of the transportation industry.

But Steve Elkington and oobgolf alumnus Charlie Beljan are taking a different approach to getting around.

Elkington has purchased a two-story semi tractor-trailer (at right) that serves as his home and office while on the road around the Champions Tour. He has even named his rig "The Big Show." (Somebody has spent some time watching ESPN, methinks.) Elk's mansion-on-wheels, which would make Josh Temple go off like Mentos in Diet Coke, includes a luxurious kitchen with an oversize gas range and microwave, a bathroom with gorgeous dark cabinetry and marble counter-top, a well-appointed bedroom complete with a large blanket box and side tables, and a "home office" that puts this writer's own living room to justifiable shame.

As for erstwhile oober Charlie Beljan, he has decided to eschew the PGA Tour's hotel scene for a 40-foot Newmar Ventana that solves a couple of problems for him. Speaking with Golf Channel's Randell Mell at a Malibu RV park during last week's PGA Tour stop at Riviera, Beljan explained:
"We've only been doing it for four weeks, but I can't see myself doing it any other way now. I honestly feel like I can play 10 weeks in a row with this bus. I feel like I'm working out of my home. I've got all my same stuff, my bed, and I'm not going back to a hotel room and sitting on a bed where I sleep and staring at the walls [sic]. I can sit outside here and listen to the waves."
As a bonus, Charlie's better half (wife Merisa) and 5-month-old son Graham have traveled with him during the Tour's West Coast Swing. Beljan also told Mell that he will drive his 40-footer to the Honda Classic, which is over 2,200 miles away.

Some of you might think that all that time on the road would be drudgery, but for Elkington and Beljan, it's working. In fact, Beljan came within an eyelash of winning at Riviera last week.

And since your lowly-and-humble correspondent spends more time at the keyboard than at the wheel, I must say that I'm rather envious. You go, road toads.   :)

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Image via GolfWorld, Bob Croslin

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bducharm says:
VERY cool. I am in the process of selling our home and purchasing a motor home. I want to be mobile.
bkuehn1952 says:
The only problem I see is having to live in RV parks. Maybe they are nicer than I imagine? Anyone have first hand experience?
metnorm says:
bkuehn basicly some are nice some are basics only and not so pleasent on the eyes. But if you are driving all day and just need to stop for the night a trashy place is fine. Dump the holding tanks fill up the fresh water watch some tv and then off in the morning. If you plan on staying somewhere longer then of course go to a nicer place ask for a place deep in the woods or whereever and chill with a fire drinking some adult drinks and listen to some music such a relaxing time.
bobhooe says:
"a large blanket box" sounds fancy
mjaber says:
On my first stint of travelling, I spent about 6 months all over the country. I actually considered trying to get the company to pay for an RV for me, instead of flying back and forth from Boston to wherever every week or 2. I think it would have been some interesting travel. I started in Minnesota (International Falls), then south toward Minneapolis/St. Paul, then into Wisconsin, then to New York, south to Virginia, west to Nebraska, and then off to California. After that, I went back to New York and WV, then across nortern AZ. That would have been one great road trip.
DougE says:
I have experienced this style of vagabond life already for many years aboard a sailboat, traveling from port to port between New England, Bermuda, the Caribbean and the East Coast. Though beautiful most of the time, it can often be a tough road and even dangerous at times. At sea, you must ration water, food, electricity and such. Doing it on land in a motor home sounds like a lot more fun with a lot less to fret about. If I had the free time (and the money) I would love to do a golf tour around the US in a motorhome, with a group of buddies. (Of course, we might not be buddies anymore by the end of the trip ;-))
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