European Tour isn't likely to "wage war against the rules-makers"
By mustang6560 on 2/26/13
Unlike the PGA Tour, the European Tour is expected to back the ruling bodies on the issue of anchored putting, according to James Corrigan of The Telegraph.
O'Grady and the Tour have been put in an invidious position, but it is understood there is little appetite to wage war against the rules-makers.

A split between the professional and amateur games could obviously be seen as being detrimental to golf's future.

There would also be the absurd scenario of long putters being allowed in regular events but not in The Open, controlled by the R&A, or the US Open controlled by the USGA. The Masters would be expected to fall in line with the traditionalists.

Therefore the European Tour should be commended if it remains faithful to the governing bodies.
The European Tour is expected to issue its official position on anchored putting later this week.

If you're keeping score, so far it's the USGA, R&A, and European Tour against the PGA Tour, PGA of America, and Golf Course Owners Association. Anyone else feel like we're watching the buildup to a full-fledged civil war in golf?

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bkuehn1952 says:
If there is a war it is going to be rather one-sided. I fully expect The Masters to follow the USGA/R&A so essentially 75% of the majors and close to 100% of amateur competitions will prohibit anchoring. 85% or more of the current PGA Tour membership do not use long or belly putters. Only one of the current top 10 uses a long or belly putter (Adam Scott).

How many professionals are going to be willing to boycott 75% of the majors in support of their fellow golfers who use a long or belly putter? What amateur with hopes of playing in sanctioned amateur events is going to adopt a style banned by the two ruling bodies. Even if the PGA Tour allows anchoring, the style will fall out of favor with time.
jasonfish11 says:
No where in the PGAT comment did I read where they were going to not follow the USGA's ruling.

I dont know why everyone is assuming this.

All I read was "hey USGA we dont like the idea of the ban. We also dont like the idea of not following your rules. K thanks PGA tour."

There are plenty of rules I dont like but I still follow them. Like stoping at a red light when there is no traffic around. I dont like it but I still do it.
bducharm says:
Did we expect the stodgy old guys from the Euro Tour to do anything but follow Peter Dawson??? I certainly did not!!! I agree with @jasonfish11 - the PGA Tour never said they will not follow - they are stating they do not like the ruling!
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